Monday May 3, 2021


“Our Mom Lived Without Heat and Water … For Online Scammers!”

Sisters Stacey and Traci say their mom, Gail, is “blinded by love,” and currently being scammed by her online boyfriend, “Matt Hurley.” However, Gail says her relationship with “Matt Hurley” couldn’t be clearer – and after four years – she would know if he wasn’t the “caring and truthful” man she fell in love with. Stacey and Traci claim Gail was living without running water and heat so she could send money to “Matt Hurley,” and they are desperate for her to end the relationship. How much money has Gail really sent to “Matt Hurley” – and how much does she really know about “him”? Tune in for part one of this two-part global investigation.

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Tuesday May 4, 2021


Dr. Phil Goes Global: Where is “Matt Hurley?”

Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Gail and her two daughters, Stacey and Traci, who claim their mom has lost everything due to an online romance scam. Gail says that’s not the case -- she insists her boyfriend of four years, “Matt Hurley,” is the real deal but is stuck in Nigeria and can’t afford a plane ticket to the U.S. Gail says for the past two years, “Matt Hurley” has been staying at a hotel in Warri, Nigeria. When Dr. Phil sends a producer to that location, what does he find? And, Dr. Phil finds the man in “Matt Hurley’s” photos. Where is he located, and what does he have to say to Gail? Tune in today to find out. Plus, David McClellan from shares what he says are quick and easy ways to confirm if someone really is who they claim to be online – and has a special offer for Dr. Phil’s audience.

See what happened on Part 1, “Our Mom Lived Without Heat and Water … For Online Scammers!”

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Wednesday May 5, 2021


“Our 11-Year-Old is Starving Herself to Death”

Matt wrote to Dr. Phil because he says his 11-year-old daughter, Hannah, has been battling an eating disorder since she was 9, and doctors have told him and his wife, Malina, that their daughter’s is one of the toughest cases they’ve ever seen. Malina says Hannah used to light up every room before she started spiraling out of control and lying to hide food and exercise. Matt says Hannah went from being the class president to violent outbursts, compulsive exercising, and being force-fed with a feeding tube – and he sees his daughter slipping through the cracks.

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Thursday May 6, 2021


“Help! I’m Engaged to a Womanizing, Love-Bombing Psychopath!”

Jennifer says she’s engaged for the fourth time to the same man, Steven, and needs Dr. Phil’s help to figure out if she should leave him now or find a way to save their relationship before they walk down the aisle. Jennifer claims Steven is an abusive, womanizing, sex-addicted, psychopath. She says their relationship has been in turmoil for three of the four years they’ve been together, but she doesn’t understand why she can’t ever seem to fully walk away. Steven claims the reason their relationship is so rocky is because Jennifer drinks too much alcohol and can’t ever seem to let go of the past. Steven says he believes their relationship is worth fighting for and says giving up is not an option. Will Jennifer and Steven stay together, or is it time for them to part ways?

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Friday May 7, 2021


"What Happened To Baby James?"

A desperate search for a missing baby boy in Texas ends with a horrifying new discovery. Baby James’ family says they haven’t seen the toddler since Thanksgiving and claim his mother gave them a string of weak excuses when they asked where he was. In an exclusive interview, James’ great aunt says she feared something terrible had happened to the baby. She made a secret recording of her niece, the child’s mother, D’Lanny Chairez, who insisted that she had placed her son for adoption. But James' great aunt says she wasn’t buying it, and when she went into D’Lanny’s home to search for James, she says what she found horrified her -- a terrible smell and a bloody blanket. Was D’Lanny telling the truth about her son’s whereabouts? Don’t miss the shocking update.

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