Monday June 7, 2021

“Sex Abuse Accusations Ruined My Run for Congress and My Relationship with My Daughter”

Eighteen-year-old McKinley says that five years ago, she decided that she never, ever wanted to see or speak to her father, Cory, again. She claims her father is a violent, dangerous, “psychopath,” who physically abused her and her mother throughout her childhood. But she says what pushed her over the edge was when she learned that in 2010, her dad went to jail for 150 days for two counts of sexual battery of a minor! Cory is adamant that he’s never abused anyone, ever! He says that he believes that his ex-wife brainwashed McKinley, using what he calls “bogus charges,” to make him out to be some sort of “abusive pedophile.” Can Dr. Phil mend this broken father/daughter relationship? Find out!

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Tuesday June 8, 2021

"An Abusive Father or a Delusional Teen? Who is Telling the Truth?"

Tensions run high in this conclusion to a father/daughter battle. After not speaking for five years, McKinley confronts her father, Cory, for allegedly being “abusive” throughout her childhood and for being a “pedophile,” claims he adamantly denies. Dr. Phil continues to question Cory about an incident that led to Cory’s arrest for sexual battery in 2010.

Watch part one here.

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Wednesday June 9, 2021

“My Rapper Son Needs a Reality Check”

Twenty-two-year-old Noah says he suffers from cripplingly low self-esteem and ADHD, which has led to drinking alcohol and smoking weed daily. Noah’s mother, Heidi, says Noah is a promising rapper with a bright future, but he is throwing it away. Noah’s Uncle John says he is often disgusted by Noah’s selfish behavior. Watch while Dr. Phil challenges Noah on his outlook and behavior. Also, a mystery celebrity from the rap world appears and makes Noah an offer he can't refuse. Tune in to find out what it is!

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Thursday June 10, 2021

Beautiful, Rebellious and Always Running Away

Jennifer says her 15-year-old daughter, Marie, is completely out of control, refuses to go to school, and is constantly running away. She says, at one point, her daughter was so disrespectful that she had to send her to live with her grandmother, Vicki, because she was too much for her to handle. Jennifer says she recently lost her job of four years because she was constantly having to keep an eye on Marie. Jennifer says she fears Marie’s actions will lead to her living on the streets, jail, or even worse, dead. Jennifer’s oldest daughter, Carly, says she’s distraught over Marie’s attitude and how it affects their mother. She says Jennifer cries daily, and her stress levels are through the roof. Is Marie just a “bad teen,” or is she crying out through rebellion for attention?

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Friday June 11, 2021

"My Son Was 5 Years Old and Stabbed 3 Family Members, Now I’m a Hostage in My Home!”

Victoria says she’s had major behavioral issues with her son ever since he was 5 years old when he stabbed three family members. Flash forward to today, and Victoria says her now 14-year-old teenage son, DJ, is violent, angry, and out of control. Victoria says she’s called the police on DJ over 50 times and locks herself in her bedroom at night because he regularly attacks and threatens her! Victoria says she’s just trying to survive living in a house with her son, and therefore, she gives in to his every demand. Can Dr. Phil figure out what is making DJ so angry? Find out!

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