Monday July 12, 2021

“Terrorized By My Teenager”

Venessa says she wrote to Dr. Phil desperate for his help with her raging and violent 14-year-old son, Michael. She claims his aggression is so extreme that he cannot be controlled, and that he has broken windows, doors, walls, and even destroyed locks to get to his electronics when they’ve been confiscated. Venessa says she’s losing her son, and his violent behavior has been escalating since 2019 when his father died by suicide. Plus, Dr. Phil speaks with three-time Grammy nominee Michele Pillar, who opens up about her life as she describes it in her book, Untangled: The Truth Will Set You Free.

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Tuesday July 13, 2021

America's Oldest Moocher?

Terri claims her 68-year-old sister, Denise, is mooching off her aging parents. She claims Denise spends her days drinking and smoking, not to mention taking thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry from her mother and pawning it. Terri and Denise’s niece, Alexis, says living with Denise is so toxic, she is considering moving out for her own mental health. Denise’s parents plead with their daughter to stand on her own two feet so they can retire in peace. Will Denise accept the help Dr. Phil offers? Tune in to find out!

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Wednesday July 14, 2021

“Where Are They Now? You Asked, We Answer!”

Dr. Phil checks in on the progress of two of your favorite guests! When Ryan, aka “Raging Ryan,” first sat down with Dr. Phil, he was terrorizing his family with out-of-control rages, fueled by alcohol and marijuana. A year later, Ryan claims he’s made amazing progress -- but his sister, Alyssa, insists his behavior has only gotten worse! Then, Dr. Phil sits down with Heather. The last time they spoke, she repeatedly defended her boyfriend, Collin, even though she claimed he regularly put his hands on her. Dr. Phil recommended she finally leave Collin for good. Did she? Find out!

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Thursday July 15, 2021

Neighborhood Prankster or Menace to Society?

With over 1 billion views across his social media platforms, 17-year-old Jack says he’ll do almost anything for a “like” and is known for posting outlandish pranks, and most recently, “Karen” videos online. But how far is too far? Jack’s parents say Jack continues to push the envelope with his rude and disruptive pranks, and as a result, has had close encounters with the police. His family says they fear for Jack’s future and hopes Dr. Phil can weigh in before it’s too late. Find out what happens when Dr. Phil meets Jack, his family – and even his neighbor – who claims she feels harassed by his online videos.

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Friday July 16, 2021

“I Believe I’m Engaged to Bret Michaels and Texting Daily with Nikki Sixx”

Music and rock icons Nikki Sixx and Bret Michaels need no introduction, as they have both been playing sold-out stadiums, packed with screaming and adoring fans, for years. Today, Dr. Phil speaks with one of their faithful followers, Tina, who claims to be more than just a fan. Tina’s friend Vivian says Tina believes this because she is being catfished by someone pretending to be the famous rock stars. Vivian says Tina has been scammed so convincingly that Tina believes she has not only been texting with both rock legends for the past six months, but that she is actually engaged to Bret Michaels and in a serious loving friendship with Nikki Sixx. Find out what happens when the real Nikki Sixx surprises Tina face-to-face, and she receives a video message from the real Bret Michaels. Will it be the proof Tina needs to finally acknowledge she has been taken advantage of by an imposter?

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