Monday July 19, 2021


“My Daughter Needs to Leave Her Horrible Fiancé!”

Anna Lisa claims her daughter, Amanda’s, fiancé, Alexis, abuses Amanda, encourages her to use drugs, and has even cheated on her repeatedly while pregnant, all of which Alexis denies. Recently, DFPS removed Amanda and Alexis’ children and placed them with Anna Lisa on the grounds of “neglectful supervision.” But Amanda swears Alexis has never abused her and that she and Alexis are wonderful parents. Alexis says he believes the only reason the children were taken is because Anna Lisa hates him and possibly conspired with DFPS. Anna Lisa says she’s going to hold on to her grandchildren for dear life until Amanda finally breaks up with Alexis for good. Can Dr. Phil convince these young parents to step up for their children?

See what happens on Part 2, Accusations of Drugs, Abuse and Child Neglect: Will Amanda and Alexis Stay Together?

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Tuesday July 20, 2021


Accusations of Drugs, Abuse and Child Neglect: Will Amanda and Alexis Stay Together?

In the conclusion to yesterday’s episode, Anna Lisa insists her daughter will never regain custody of her children as long as she remains engaged to her fiancé, Alexis. Anna Lisa accuses Alexis of abusing her daughter, cheating on her, and being completely unable to provide a stable home for her daughter and their two children. Alexis denies all the accusations and accuses Anna Lisa of purposely trying to sabotage his relationship and family.

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Wednesday July 21, 2021


"$10,000 and Counting: My Sister’s 'Hypochondria' is Ruining Her Life"

Anna claims her younger sister Alexandra has been dealing with severe “hypochondria” since she was a child, and it’s ruining her life. Alexandra says she is $10,000 in medical debt because of constant trips to the E.R and hospital, and ambulance rides. Their cousin Nina says she believes the cause of Alexandra’s problems runs deeper than she thinks, and their friend Katie says she is worried Alexandra might never find happiness if she continues down the path she’s taking. Watch as Dr. Phil takes a look beneath the surface of Alexandra’s decade-long struggle.

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Thursday July 22, 2021


From Hollywood to Mental Health Hospital

Sarah and Bart say they can no longer handle the chaos in their home coming from their 21-year-old son, Cameron, who they say has daily explosive anger episodes directed at them. That’s why they bought him a one-way plane ticket to Hollywood to pursue his musical dreams and to get him out of their home. But Cameron’s Hollywood dreams quickly turned into a nightmare. With nowhere to go, he wandered the streets of L.A. aimlessly, somehow ending up on the tarmac at LAX, before passing out on someone’s front lawn! When Cameron woke up, he was in a mental health facility with his parents by his side. Cameron says he would do anything to control the anger that has stopped him from doing anything with his life. Dr. Amen, a psychiatrist, performed brain scans on Cameron to determine if a childhood traumatic brain injury had lasting effects. You don’t want to miss the results!

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Friday July 23, 2021


Belligerent and Blacked Out But Not a Drop to Drink

Stephanie says she and her partner of 15 years, Hal, are living a perpetual nightmare due to Hal being diagnosed with a rare condition where his body makes him legally intoxicated without actually drinking alcohol. Stephanie says Hal has been diagnosed with auto-brewery syndrome, and there is no clear cure in sight. Hal says he lives his life by the breathalyzer – one moment he can be stone-cold sober, and within an hour, he can be belligerently “drunk,” stumbling, and very combative. This rare syndrome also affects Ray and his wife and caretaker, Sierra, and they both say this condition has taken a huge toll on their relationship. Hal, Stephanie, Sierra, and Ray all say they’re desperate for a cure.

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