Monday September 6, 2021


"On Trial for Being Male"

Dr. Phil welcomes a varied group of people to his stage to discuss the idea of straight men being the new minority. Dr. Phil talks to political commentator Tomi Lahren who, in a viral video, branded many men in America as “boys” who act like “trash.” He also meets Jerry, a man from California, who says he was falsely accused of raping a woman. And, Dr. Phil welcomes leading academics, Dr. Warren Farrell and Wendy Murphy, who each have polarizing opinions on the plight of straight men in America. Plus, a man who says he got tired of dealing with women so much that he decided to date men. How does the audience respond to his views? Tune in to find out!

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Tuesday September 7, 2021


A Former Beauty Queen Sex Trafficked?

Jill says she was an international beauty queen who had it all. She left the pageant world to get married and have her son, but after her divorce, Jill says she desperately wanted to compete again. That's when she claims her life turned a dark corner and something sinister began happening to her. And, Jill hasn’t seen her son, Memo, in seven years. He says his mom just walked out the door one day and never came back, and he desperately wants to reunite with her. But is Jill excited to see him?

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Wednesday September 8, 2021


Dr. Phil is Making House Calls

This summer, Dr. Phil hit the road to make some good, old-fashioned house calls for his new CBS primetime docuseries “House Calls with Dr. Phil.” Today, he catches up with four families who are featured in the series. In Utah, Dr. Phil met with 19-year-old Lexi, who says she refused to speak to her dad, Chuck, for five years -- despite living under the same roof. Next, Dr. Phil visited San Jose, CA, where Brenda and her husband, Terry, say their family was falling apart, and their marriage and children were suffering following the unexpected death of their son. Also in California, Dr. Phil met with teens Jose Jr. and his younger brother, James, who turned in their police officer father to Dr. Phil for being narrow-minded and making it impossible to have a healthy relationship with them. Lastly, Dr. Phil headed to Colorado where he met a family who say they were thrown into chaos at their family-owned business due to what they claim is their stepfather, Mark’s, narcissistic behavior. How is everyone doing now? Find out. Plus, more surprises are revealed!

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Thursday September 9, 2021


“My ‘Good’ Daughter is Now Bad”

Maria says she has spent the past 20 years overwhelmed by raising her older daughter, Aly, who has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Meanwhile, Maria says her 16-year-old daughter, Alayna, who was always well-behaved, is now acting out by vaping, failing classes, sneaking out, and disrespecting her. Alayna says she is fed up with having to raise herself and has recently moved in with her father, Rodney, to escape the constant fighting with her mother. Find out why Alayna’s family pleads with Alayna to move back home – including her father.

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Friday September 10, 2021

"Last Call for My Former 'Party Animal' Mom!"

Michaela says her 45-year-old mom, Janie, is a former “party girl who never grew up.” But, Janie says challenges in her life have contributed to her alcohol addiction. Michaela says that three years ago, doctors told Janie she had five years left to live – if she stopped drinking – but even that didn’t persuade her to change her ways, and just a few weeks ago, Janie ended up in the hospital after vomiting blood. Today, Dr. Phil meets Michaela, Janie, and Janie’s brother and dad, who are desperate for Janie to stop drinking and get her life back on track. While Janie says she has tried to get sober in the past, her family hopes Dr. Phil’s advice will finally sink in … before it’s too late.

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