Monday September 27, 2021


“Post Malone” Love Story or Scam?

Megan and Brandy say their 69-year-old grandma, Gail, believes she is in a relationship with musical artist Post Malone but she is actually being catfished by a scammer posing as the musician. Gail’s daughter, Michelle, says her mother has always had an obsession with men, but this is the worst she has seen it. Gail says she is coming to Dr. Phil to prove to her family that her relationship is real. Gail’s family says they are worried for Gail’s safety and her mental health.

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Tuesday September 28, 2021


“My Boyfriend is Stalking Me!”

Sabrina says she has a relentless, obsessed stalker who monitors her location, phone calls, texts and even her social media. In fact, she says, on numerous occasions, she’s caught him staring at her through her bedroom window and even climbing in! But Sabrina’s stalker isn’t some stranger -- it’s actually her boyfriend of six years, Harold! Harold says he has no choice but to stalk Sabrina because she’s become “untrustworthy” ever since her “Brazilian Butt Lift” surgery. He says Sabrina cheated on him just two months ago and is still in contact and receiving money from the other guy! Can Dr. Phil help repair this “toxic relationship,” or is it finally time for this couple to go their separate ways? Find out!

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Wednesday September 29, 2021


“My Mother The Ex-Madam”

Emily says her childhood was full of dysfunction because her mother, Linda, lived a double life. By day, Linda says she was a suburban housewife driving her daughter to ballet class in her gray minivan. But unbeknownst to Emily and the neighborhood, Linda secretly was a drug-addicted “madam” who oversaw two brothels that serviced rich and powerful men. Now, Emily tells Dr. Phil she’s feeling a lot of resentment toward her mother but doesn’t know how to tell her. Can Dr. Phil help Emily set up some boundaries with her mom? Plus, Emily reveals another secret she says her mother kept from her for over 30 years.

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Thursday September 30, 2021

Friday October 1, 2021


Old, Bold, and Breaking the Mold

Dr. Phil welcomes a group of dynamic, vibrant and inspiring seniors to prove that age is just a number. Former guest Lydia, 80, aka "Glamma," who asked him to find her a date, returns. Watch while Lydia meets three wealthy eligible bachelors who each take her on a date, ranging from a gondola ride to fine wine tasting. Which of the three men will Lydia choose? Tune in to find out! Dr. Phil also meets Annie, an 82-year-old social media influencer with over 240K followers, and Ernestine, an 85-year-old bodybuilder who is still training clients half her age!

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