Monday November 15, 2021


Locked in the Attic or Lying?

Ariyanna has made some disturbing allegations against her mother, Cornelia. She wrote to Dr. Phil for help to confront her mother about allegations of physical and mental abuse. Ariyanna claims that while her mother was there for her financially, Cornelia locked her in the attic, abandoned her, and once, even resorted to waterboarding. Cornelia says Ariyanna is lying about some of her allegations and exaggerating about others. She says she hasn’t spoken to her daughter for almost a month after their last blowup and if their relationship doesn’t start changing for good with the help of Dr. Phil, she’s done.

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Tuesday November 16, 2021


“Talk to Dr. Phil or We’re Done!”

Nancy says, for the past two years, she has been in an online relationship with an honest and loving man, “Shaun.” The problem? For starters, her son, Darcy, says Nancy doesn’t even know what he looks like! Nancy says despite the evidence her son and daughter-in-law have shown her, she is adamant she is not being scammed by “Shaun.” In fact, Nancy and her family were supposed to meet Dr. Phil last season, but Nancy declined. Today, Nancy sits down with Dr. Phil – and even throws his staff a curve ball about a university “Shaun” allegedly went to. What happens? Find out on part one of this two-part episode.

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Wednesday November 17, 2021


Catfish Controversy: A Mom and Son Face Off!

Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Nancy, who, despite the evidence Dr. Phil presented, was adamant she isn’t being scammed by her online boyfriend, “Shaun.” Today, Nancy and her son, Darcy, speak face-to-face for the first time in over a year. And, Darcy has been hiding a shocking secret about “Shaun” from Nancy. What is it? Plus, an update from past guests who can relate all too well to Nancy’s story. Where are they now – and will their story inspire Nancy to have a change of heart? Find out today!

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Thursday November 18, 2021

Friday November 19, 2021


Fractured Family Fall Out!

Cassie says the stress of raising four children, including her 15-year-old daughter, Brinley, is making her physically ill. She claims Brinley is constantly smoking pot, vaping, and running away. She says that recently, Brinley disappeared for three days and claims she was kidnapped before making a daring escape from her captors! But Cassie also says her husband, Jonah, is addicted to drugs and uses alcohol to excess and that his unsafe behaviors while under the influence have caused him to become a danger to her children. Dr. Phil enlists Brinley’s help to try and get her mom to see the real problem in this family. Don’t miss it!

See what happens on part 2, Cassie’s Choice: Husband or Children?

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