Monday November 22, 2021


Cassie’s Choice: Husband or Children?

Cassie insists her teen daughter’s behavior is the root cause of her family’s dysfunction, despite her husband, Jonah, being addicted to drugs and alcohol and endangering their children. Dr. Phil presents Cassie with a difficult choice: pick your children or your husband. Cassie’s mother, Sandy, also joins and says she believes her granddaughter’s behavior will never improve until her parents get their act together. What will Cassie decide? Find out!

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Tuesday November 23, 2021


“We Deserve Our Kids Back, Why Won’t CPS Agree?”

Jessica and Ian’s two children were removed from their custody over a year-and-a-half ago. The parents insist they’ve done everything required to get custody back -- but is that true? Ian’s mother, Pamela, says the one thing they should do is end their toxic relationship. Ian’s brother Jeremy says Ian’s unstable lifestyle only makes matters worse. Is everyone in this family ready to get real with Dr. Phil?

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Wednesday November 24, 2021


Marriage on Hiatus

Whoever said being in a long-term relationship was easy? If you’re wishing you were married, thinking about getting married, or are married, you won’t want to miss this episode. After 21 years of marriage, Paula says she’s thinking about divorcing her husband, Jeremy, because, in her words, he’s “clueless, absent, and non-verbal.” But Jeremy says the real problem is Paula. He says not only is Paula controlling, but she’s a grudge-holder, too, and won’t move on from a mistake he made almost 10 years ago. Find out the mistake Jeremy made, and Dr. Phil gets to the bottom of why Paula is so controlling. Plus, Dr. Phil and Robin share the secret to their 45-year marriage.

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Thursday November 25, 2021



From full-on brawls between airline passengers to the unruly being duct-taped to their seats, these days hopping on a plane is becoming less of a dream experience and more of a flightmare for many. Today, Dr. Phil hears firsthand accounts from four different passengers who all filmed what became viral videos of chaos and drama on their flights. From passengers physically and verbally assaulting each other to a mother and daughter deemed "Karen" and "Karen 2.0" for what some called their "entitled" behavior, find out the alleged stories behind these viral incidents. Plus, Dr. Phil speaks with two former passengers with one thing in common: they were both kicked off their flights! But, learn why they claim it was their flight attendant’s "abuse of power" and not their behavior that terminated their flights.

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Friday November 26, 2021


“19 Years Lost: I Am Innocent”

On April 16, 2001, two lives were forever changed. One, a man gunned down in cold blood, and the other, a teenage girl named Kiera, who was convicted of his murder and sentenced to 60 years to life in prison. After serving over 19 years in prison, Kiera was released early and has continued to claim she is innocent and was falsely incarcerated. Today, Dr. Phil exams Kiera’s case and speaks with her lawyers, who call Kiera’s conviction “the starkest miscarriage of justice” they have ever seen. Dr. Phil looks at all the evidence Kiera and her attorneys claim is proof that she had nothing to do with this horrendous crime. Plus, hear from Kiera’s high school teacher who testified that Kiera was in her classroom at the very same time the murder took place. But that’s not all, also hear from a key witness for the prosecution -- has he now changed his story?

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