Monday December 6, 2021


“Our Brother Killed Our Father and Saved Our Lives”

Dr. Phil meets a family who has lived through the unimaginable. On the night of July 25, 2003, Christopher Bennett, 18, broke into his stepfather’s home and claims he caught him molesting his younger sister, Viccy. Chris shot Vincent in the head and confessed to the killing. He is now serving 1,800 years in prison. Desperate for him to be released, Christopher’s mother, Libby, and his half-sisters, Viccy and Cassie, meet with Dr. Phil to discuss the abuse and the trauma they say they have lived through. Watch while Dr. Phil conducts an exclusive prison phone call with Christopher! Dr. Phil also welcomes Christopher’s family friend and criminal justice advocate, Janet, who has made it her life’s work to help free Christopher. Dr. Phil also meets leading Virginia attorney Adam Carroll to discuss what recourse this broken family has. Can Dr. Phil help? Tune in to find out!

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Tuesday December 7, 2021


“Missing Mom: Where is Lauren Dumolo?”

Lauren Dumolo, a young mother, disappeared over a year-and-a-half ago. Her purse, shirt, and shoes were found at a local park she frequented daily – but no sign of her. She seemingly vanished into thin air. Theories and questions continue to mount as her last known whereabouts do not add up. Did someone close to her hurt her accidentally? Was she privy to information she shouldn’t have known? Or could she be a victim of sex trafficking? All that her friends and family know is she left her apartment one afternoon and was never seen again. Lauren’s father, Paul, and sister, Cassie, say they believe there’s foul play involved and are certain Lauren would never leave of her own free will. They’ve both sworn to never give up until they bring her home.

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Wednesday December 8, 2021


“To Catch an Online Child Predator”

The pandemic made it easier for online predators to prey on children stuck at home. Dr. Phil speaks with parents who have experienced the dark side of the internet. First, Patrick’s 15-year-old daughter, Sophie, was last seen four years ago on surveillance footage walking down a street in the early morning hours. The police told Patrick they found on Sophie’s computer that she was dabbling in adult websites which could have gotten her entangled in human trafficking. Next, Meaghan says she caught her young daughter chatting and sending explicit videos to older men. Plus, Roo Powell is a child advocate who transforms herself into online teenage decoys to help law enforcement catch predators. And, human trafficking and online sex crime expert Detective Joseph Scaramucci tells Dr. Phil what to look for on your child’s phone.

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Thursday December 9, 2021

Knock Knock … It’s Dr. Phil and Robin!/Phanatics’ Biggest Questions

Dr. Phil launched a private “Phanatics” Facebook group last season, where superfans gain exclusive access to news, content, and a “Dr. Phil” community. Today, members of Dr. Phil’s “Phanatics” group discuss common problems and real solutions – with some fun mixed in! First, Dr. Phil and Robin meet a newly engaged couple who say they don’t see “eye-to-eye” on house cleaning. What happens when Dr. Phil and Robin pay them a house call? Next, Dr. Phil speaks with newlyweds about a common question they get asked and why they shouldn’t be asked it. Lastly, Dr. Phil meets a set of twins who do everything together – and we mean everything! What surprise does Dr. Phil have for them? Tune in to find out. You won’t want to miss this episode!

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Friday December 10, 2021

How Far is “Too Far?”

Nowadays, social media rules the world, and this decade has proven to be more “untraditional” and “mold-breaking” than ever before. But in this ever-changing society, we continue to ask an important question: How far is too far? Dr. Phil discusses that when he meets three different people whose quest for fame and fortune not only went viral -- but also made national news. Some were criticized -- and in some cases, canceled -- by the public for “crossing the line.” First, a 22-year-old went viral in August after quitting his day job and approaching a popular social media influencer and asking him for a job. Does he have what it takes for a career in social media? Next, Dr. Phil meets a YouTuber who was canceled for his controversial videos. What does he have to say? And lastly, meet a woman who turned to social media to make money in what some call an “unconventional” way – but she says she’s doing better than ever before. Tune in to hear these stories!

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