Monday January 3, 2022


“Painfully Ill: Can Monica Be Saved?”

Monica says she used to be an English teacher, a marathon runner, and happy -- and she wants her old life back. She says she now weighs only 90lbs., and her life consists of lying in bed. She says she can’t eat solid food due to being diagnosed with C-diff, and she has to chain herself to her bed to make sure she doesn’t sleepwalk and binge on food in the middle of the night. Monica’s mother, Stephanie, says taking care of her daughter has become a full-time job, and not only is she taking care of Monica, but she is also taking care of her 2-year-old son. Monica’s friend Breanna claims Stephanie enables her to an extreme and says Monica isn’t taking the steps to get better.


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Tuesday January 4, 2022


“My Daughter-in-Law is a Witch and Turned My Son Against Me!”

Tammy and Mark claim they haven’t spoken to their son, Cory, in over a year. They say that’s completely because of Cory’s wife, Katrina, who they claim is manipulative, mentally ill, and quite literally, a witch! Katrina is a self-proclaimed “witch,” or Wiccan, who claims Tammy and Mark judge her for her beliefs. Cory denies he’s being “controlled” or “brainwashed” by Katrina. Rather, he says he’s sick and tired of his parents’ horrible treatment of his wife. But Tammy and Mark say they’ve done nothing wrong and only want their family back together. Can Dr. Phil help mend this broken family? Find out!

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Wednesday January 5, 2022


Critical Race Theory: A Nation Divided

Dr. Phil tackles one of the most divisive topics of the year: Critical Race Theory (CRT). Dr. Phil invites passionate parents on both sides of this great debate, including Tiffany and Quisha, founders of the group “Mothers For Liberty,” who say they believe CRT is being taught in K-12 schools and is poisoning the minds of their children. They are joined by fellow ally and mother Amy, who says her young children shouldn’t be expected to be social justice warriors. They debate with moms Laura and Sara who say they support CRT being taught on the college level and do not believe elementary and high schools should avoid talking about race and privilege in classrooms. Dr. Phil also welcomes leading academic Dr. Shaun Harper, who teaches CRT at the university level, and father of three Derrick, who says CRT is keeping racism alive in America. Watch while Dr. Phil speaks to author and writer James Lindsay who passionately decries CRT as “Race Marxism,” and teacher Taylor who says she believes children need to learn about the racist history of the US.

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Thursday January 6, 2022


Out of Control or Provoked!?

Sumyr and her partner, Wayne, say every day is a “chaotic, hellish, nightmare” because of her out-of-control 13-year-old son, Ash. Sumyr claims if they ever say “No” to Ash, he will hit, bite, and kick them and sometimes hurt their dogs! Sumyr claims in July, Ash even set her car on fire! But Ash’s grandmother, Lenora, blames her daughter for provoking Ash to violence and claims he’s never acted out under her supervision. In fact, she claims Sumyr is trying to get Ash taken into custody by the authorities so she doesn’t have to parent him anymore. So, which is it? Is Ash out of control or provoked by his mother? Find out!

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Friday January 7, 2022


“Bad Teen or Bad Parents?”

Amanda says she is worried for her 17-year-old daughter, Ollie. She says even though she and her husband, Junior, used drugs excessively during most of Ollie's childhood, they are doing the best that they can in parenting Ollie. Junior says he wants to kick Ollie out the second she turns 18. He says he has had enough of her stealing cars, physically fighting and running away. Ollie says she feels like she is a normal teen doing normal teenager things and felt like she had to raise herself during her parents’ bad past. Ollie says she thinks her parents don’t think her life is important, so they should allow her to do what she wants.

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