Monday January 17, 2022


"Surviving Evil"

Tony Fort was just 10 years old when he says a man his mother trusted to watch him began grooming him, brainwashing him, and sexually abusing him. Tony says he was vulnerable and lonely, and he believed the older man was his best friend. Tony claims the man gave him dangerous, addictive drugs, telling him it was candy, and videotaped Tony being sexually abused. The man even followed Tony’s family when they moved to a new state, and he eventually abducted Tony. Authorities say they believe he had a sinister and dark plan for the little boy. Today, Tony speaks out for the first time about what happened to him.

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Tuesday January 18, 2022


“Surviving Evil” Kidnapped And Abused: Former Victims Speak Out

Tony Fort, a young man who was abducted by a family friend when he was 11 years old, reunites two decades later with the FBI agent that he says saved his life. Go inside the dramatic rescue of Tony from a convicted sex offender. Plus, Alicia Kozak says she was just 13 when she was lured from her home by an internet predator and placed in a dog collar, chained to the floor, and horrifically abused. Hear her inspiring story of survival.

See what happened on part 1, "Surviving Evil."

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Thursday January 20, 2022


“Our Teen Refuses to Let Us Parent Him”

Parents Suzette and Greg say their 6-foot-2, 300-pound 16-year-old son, Dawson, is violent and abusive whenever he is told the word “no.” The parents say their son’s violent tantrums have even resulted in him using a hammer and a machete to destroy their home. Suzette and Greg admit they have actually given up on trying to discipline their son, admitting they don’t make him go to school and can’t stop him from smoking marijuana. Dawson admits being told “no” makes his blood boil because he says that word means he is not getting something he wants, and he doesn’t like that. Plus, find out why Dawson says he no longer needs to go to school and doesn’t care that he has trouble reading and writing at 16. And, find out why Dawson’s sister claims her parents created the mess they are in now from the moment Dawson was born.

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Friday January 21, 2022


“My Husband Accuses Me of Cheating with Over 170 People”

Samantha says after her husband of nine years, Zachary, accused her of cheating, lying, and using drugs, and saying people were following him home from work, she separated from him for three months. After reconciling, they moved into her mother-in-law, Christal’s, home, but Samantha claims Zachary’s paranoia just got worse. She says he now accuses her of sleeping with over 170 people, including family members and U.S. presidents. Christal says she is also concerned with her son’s erratic behavior and is even contemplating choosing her daughter-in-law and grandchildren over her own son. But Zachary claims he knows the truth and is tired of his wife and mother siding against him. Dr. Phil, along with family psychiatrist Dr. Charles Sophy, talks with the family to find out why they claim Zachary appeared to suddenly change one day -- going from a “normal” husband, father, and son to someone suffering from delusions.

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