Monday January 31, 2022

“Traumatized By My Police Incident”

Tyler says she needs Dr. Phil’s guidance on getting her life back to what it was before her traumatic police incident. She says in May 2020, she lost control of her car and hit a tree. Tyler says when the police showed up, she was unable to process the accident, and instead of the police helping her, she was arrested, tased, and thrown into jail. Tyler’s mother, Talisha, says she posted the police camera footage on social media and her videos went viral. Talisha claims Tyler suffers from mental illness due to this incident and lives with her because she lives in fear and can’t leave the house. Attorney Benjamin Taylor weighs in to analyze this case. .

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Tuesday February 1, 2022

University of Michigan Sex Abuse Scandal

Jon Vaugh, Tad Deluca, and Chuck Christian are former University of Michigan athletes who claim they are victims of one of the biggest sex abuse scandals on a university campus. More than 1,000 people have accused the late U of M athletic doctor Robert Anderson of sexual misconduct. For 37 years, Anderson allegedly abused his power by preying on young athletes and students under the guise of medicine. Jon claims Anderson targeted his victims because he knew they would never tell. These three men share their courageous stories of how they decided to step out of anonymity as “John Does” and become the faces of sexual abuse.

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Wednesday February 2, 2022

U of M Sex Scandal: What Did the Football Coach Know?

Jon Vaughn and Chuck Christian were living their dreams when they received full scholarships to play football for legendary coach Bo Schembechler at the University of Michigan. But behind closed doors, Jon and Chuck claim the team’s doctor, Robert Anderson, was sexually assaulting them. Bo’s adopted son, Matt, also claims Anderson abused him. Did Bo know about Anderson’s abuse? Then, meet Trinae Goszcar, who survived abuse at the hands of Larry Nassar and who Jon, Tad, and Chuck say inspired them to speak out against Anderson. And, Dr. Phil talks to Judge Rosemarie Aquilina, who presided over the Larry Nassar case. Plus, over 1,000 reported survivors of Anderson have been waiting for a settlement agreement with U of M. Attorneys finally settled on a number. Jon tells Dr. Phil how he feels about the settlement.

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Thursday February 3, 2022

“30 with 40 Kids – I’m a ‘Fertility Expert!’”

Today, Dr. Phil meets Kyle, a 30-year-old who claims he is a fertility expert and has fathered 40 kids across the world – and 11 more on the way – as a result of his private donations. Dr. Phil also meets women Kyle has donated to. Then, Kyle is introduced to a woman who heard about Kyle’s story and wants to share her thoughts. Lastly, as a self-proclaimed “fertility expert,” Kyle sits down with a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist, a supervisor from the Seattle Sperm Bank, and Dr. Charles Sophy, who weigh in on his donation process.

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Friday February 4, 2022

“Humble Yourself and Admit You’re Cheating!”

Nicole claims that every single day she’s “verbally tortured and obliterated” by her husband, Marc. Marc says he’s so angry with Nicole because he’s 100% certain she’s cheated on him. Marc admits he secretly monitors his wife using a hidden cell phone and claims he has over 200 pieces of “irrefutable evidence” of Nicole’s infidelity. Marc says he just wants Nicole to “humble herself” and apologize already! But Nicole swears she’s never cheated, and the whole thing is in Marc’s head. Dr. Phil examines Marc’s evidence. Can this marriage possibly be repaired? Find out!

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