Monday May 2, 2022


“The Mystery of Our Messy Marriage: Who’s the Cheater?”

Yvette and Steve have been together for 32 years and married for 28 – but Yvette says the past 15 have been a nightmare because she claims Steve has been cheating and hacking into her phone to cover it up. She says the situation has gotten so stressful, her weight has dropped to 97 pounds and she moved out of their house. Steve, on the other hand, says he would never cheat on his wife, and her accusations are completely false – and their 19-year-old daughter, Monique, agrees. Monique says her mom doesn’t have any proof, and her dad is not tech-savvy, but she continues to pick fights and question his behavior. Dr. Phil did some digging and discovered this situation is not as straightforward as it may seem. See what he reveals. And, Yvette brought evidence for Dr. Phil to examine. What are the findings? Tune in to find out.

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Tuesday May 3, 2022


“Is it My Fault My Mother is Homeless?”

Heather says her mother, Valerie, once looked like a beauty queen and was a singer, dancer, and the life of the party -- but not anymore. Almost seven years ago, Valerie was evicted from her apartment and lost almost everything she owned. Now, Heather says her mother is choosing to live in a tent on the streets, drinking two bottles of vodka a day. Heather says she’s tried to cut her mother from her life, but the weight of knowing her mother is out on the streets alone is taking a devastating toll on Heather. How did Valerie get to rock bottom? Should Heather “disown” her mother? Is there a way she can have her mother in her life? Find out what Dr. Phil thinks Heather should do when he sits down to talk to the entire family.

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Wednesday May 4, 2022


Beauty and the Boxer

Brian “The Bull” Barbosa was once a two-time Interim World Middleweight champion, but now, his fiancée, Gina, claims Brian has become a shell of his former self. Gina claims Brian has not only been homeless for the past 10 years and spent time in prison for a violent crime, but she also claims he is struggling with substance abuse, a traumatic brain injury from boxing, as well as serious mental illness. Gina says she worries if she were to leave Brian, that he would become a threat to society because she is the one person trying to help him. Brian says he does not have an issue with drugs or alcohol, but admits there is something seriously wrong with his brain. Find out what happens when Dr. Phil reveals the results of a state-of-the-art brain scan Dr. Phil set up for Brian to take. Will the results be too much for Brian to handle?

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Thursday May 5, 2022


Miami Model Stabs Boyfriend to Death Exclusive: His Family Speaks

A model stabs her boyfriend to death inside a luxury Miami high-rise. Shocking video obtained by TMZ shows Courtney Clenney, a social media influencer who boasts millions of followers, wearing a bikini top and covered in her boyfriend, Christian “Toby” Obumseli’s, blood. Was it self-defense? Clenney’s attorney claims she is devastated and killed Obumseli in a desperate act to save her own life. But Obumseli 's family says they believe he was the one being abused -- and are calling for Clenney’s arrest. The family speaks out about their fight for justice in this Dr. Phil exclusive interview.

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Friday May 6, 2022


“Multiple Car Accidents in 5 Months: Help Get Our Mom Off the Road”

Erica and Jean say they are very concerned for their 76-year-old mother, Blanche, and they are giving her an ultimatum: choose drugs or choose the family. The sisters claim they had an abusive upbringing with Blanche and hold a lot of resentment toward her. They also say Blanche has an addictive personality with prescription drugs, food, and shopping. Erica says their mother takes too many medications, and they say they are worried that she will hurt someone else, as she has been in several car accidents. Blanche insists she isn’t an addict but is dependent on her medications, which is different. Blanche claims she has always been the outcast of her family and hopes they will finally hear her perspective with the help of Dr. Phil.

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