Monday May 9, 2022


“Mentally Ill or Just Awful? What’s Wrong with Josh?”

Danielle says her marriage to her husband, Josh, is “totally toxic.” She claims not only has he repeatedly cheated on her, but he’s also physically abusive and has shoved a bleach-soaked rag down her throat and choked her to the point where she thought she was going to die. Danielle, who is 13-weeks pregnant, says this has all occurred in front of their two young children. Josh claims Danielle blames him for everything wrong in their marriage, and it's “unfair.” Josh also claims he’s bipolar, which is what causes him to become physical with Danielle and to cheat on her. But Danielle says Josh is using his bipolar disorder to excuse all his bad behavior. Can Dr. Phil help save this marriage on the brink? Find out!

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Tuesday May 10, 2022


“My Husband Can’t Control His Violent Temper”

Sara, a married mother, claims she is lifting the veil of secrecy on something she’s kept hidden for nearly two decades. Sara claims it’s a secret that, when revealed, will explain the reason behind why she sometimes has bruises and often lives such an isolated life. Sara claims her husband, Jason, has a violent and uncontrollable temper that has resulted in physical abuse toward her. Jason admits that violence and aggression are all he knows and says when he gets angry, “a devil takes over,” and inflicting pain on the person who triggered him is, sadly, his only instinct. But Jason says Sara isn’t the only person who has seen his anger. Jason says when he feels disrespected, he doesn’t care where he is or who the person is; he will use his hands to resolve the conflict.

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Wednesday May 11, 2022


“Dangerous Love: A Couple’s Big Decision”

Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Sara and her husband, Jason. Sara revealed a secret she had been hiding for nearly two decades -- that Jason’s violent temper sometimes has left her battered and bruised. Jason doesn’t deny his violent and abusive temper. In fact, he admits that when he’s provoked, he can be a dangerous man. Jason says he is willing to do whatever it takes to save his family and change his behavior -- but will he take Dr. Phil’s advice? Plus, Jason says violence and aggression are all he knows when it comes to resolving conflict, so Dr. Phil invites the star of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer, to help teach Jason a healthier way to navigate conflict. And, Dr. Phil checks in with Jason and Sara one month after taping -- it’s an update you will not want to miss!

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Thursday May 12, 2022


“The Happy Hoarder”

Despite having 3,000 bottles of shampoo, 30,000 shirts, 5,000 cookbooks, and boxes on top of boxes of things, Kristen says she doesn’t think she is a hoarder. But Kristen claims her “collection of things” has created a problem. She just bought a new house and after already moving in 600 boxes, she says she's completely running out of room, and there is a whole lot more to pack. From buying unclaimed storage containers to dumpster diving, Kristen says she cannot give up an opportunity to collect something that’s a good deal. But is there more to Kristen’s collecting than meets the eye? Find out the shocking reason Kristen says it is hard for her to part with her belongings. Plus, meet Kristen’s friends who say they are concerned that her “hoarding” is keeping their friend isolated.

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Friday May 13, 2022


“My Husband's Need to Smoke Weed”

Stuart says he has been smoking marijuana for 50 years and has spent over $1 million on pot in his lifetime. Stuart says his addiction to marijuana is so strong that he smokes over 100 times a day just to stay “stoned” all day long. Stuart claims he can’t go anywhere or do anything without getting high. Find out what Stuart says to Dr. Phil that leaves him speechless. Plus, Stuart’s wife, Renee, claims she is desperate for Stuart to put down his pipe once and for all but admits that she drives her husband to marijuana dispensaries. Can Renee stop enabling her husband’s addiction?

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