Monday May 23, 2022


“I Lied and Sent My Husband to Prison!”

Sue claims that in 2019, she lied to police and told them that her husband, Tim, struck her and had left a bruise on her arm. Sue says she believed Tim was cheating on her, wanted revenge, and knew her claim would land Tim in prison and out of her life. But three years later, Sue says she is racked with guilt. She even went back to court and recanted her testimony, but the judge didn’t buy her new story. Dr. Phil is joined by body language and behavior experts. Do they say they think Sue is telling the truth as she claims, or does she just want her husband out of prison? Find out!

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Tuesday May 24, 2022


“Our Narcissistic, Tone-Deaf Mother Needs a Wake-Up Call”

Lisa says her four beautiful adult daughters, Brandi, Wendi, Laci and Tahni, are "monsters" who pick on her, and their constant drama is tearing apart their family. However, all four daughters say it's Lisa who needs help. They claim she's a "textbook narcissist" who constantly plays the victim and has always put men before her family. Who is in the wrong here? Will Dr. Phil be able to bring this family back together?

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Wednesday May 25, 2022


'Danger on My Doorstep' America’s Safety Crisis

Dr. Phil has a frank and open discussion with members of the public and law enforcement about the perceived lack of safety on American streets, and the rising conflict between civilians and police. Country singer Clare Dunn claims she was assaulted by her rideshare driver last June in Memphis, TN. Dunn says she is still shaken by her ordeal and wants people to know this can happen to anyone. Then, former police officer Aaron has a frank conversation about the challenges police face when trying to keep the streets safe. And, Emada Tingirides, an LAPD law enforcement officer of 27 years, says the police are doing all they can to try to win the war against violent crime in America. Thomas Abt, a lawyer and criminal reform policy advisor, engages in a lively debate with Aaron about the right and wrong way to go about reducing crime. Will Dr. Phil and the guests reach a conclusion about solving crime in the U.S.? Tune in to find out!

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Thursday May 26, 2022


“Painfully Ill: Can Monica Be Saved?”

Monica says she used to be an English teacher, a marathon runner, and happy -- and she wants her old life back. She says she now weighs only 90lbs., and her life consists of lying in bed. She says she can’t eat solid food due to being diagnosed with C-diff, and she has to chain herself to her bed to make sure she doesn’t sleepwalk and binge on food in the middle of the night. Monica’s mother, Stephanie, says taking care of her daughter has become a full-time job, and not only is she taking care of Monica, but she is also taking care of her 2-year-old son. Monica’s friend Breanna claims Stephanie enables her to an extreme and says Monica isn’t taking the steps to get better.


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Friday May 27, 2022


“My Little 9-Year-Old Terror”

Michelle says her 9-year-old son, Raymond, has screamed, cursed, and punched others since the age of 3 -- and even recently gave his grandmother a black eye! Michelle says she’s exhausted spending so much time trying to keep up with Raymond’s latest diagnoses and trying new medications that doctors prescribe for him. But Michelle’s family members say they want to know if Raymond’s issues are real or if he’s just choosing to act out? Certified Behavioral Analyst Megan St. Clair and Child and Family Psychiatrist Dr. Charles Sophy work with Raymond and his family and weigh in on the possibilities with Dr. Phil.

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