Monday June 6, 2022


“Help Dr. Phil, I Think I’m a Narcissist”

Bill says he believes he is a narcissist after pushing away almost all of his loved ones, including his brother Tom and daughter Bridget, who both stopped speaking to him. After a tense reunion with Tom, Bill gets emotional when Dr. Phil reunites him with Bridget. After violent fights, cruel words, and selfish behavior, will Bill start taking accountability and change?

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Tuesday June 7, 2022


“Is Our Mom’s Fiancé a Con Artist?”

Sixty-year-old Sandi says she will soon be flying to Nigeria to marry her 22-year-old fiancé, Peter – but her three daughters say not if they can stop her. Sandi’s daughters say she is being scammed for either money or a Green Card – but Sandi is adamant that Peter is truly her soul mate. Additionally, Sandi’s daughters say they fear Peter’s sister is really his girlfriend or wife, and “in” on the con – and they want answers. Peter denies the daughters’ accusations and insists that he loves Sandi. Dr. Phil meets Sandi and her three daughters and starts to unravel the truth behind her online relationship with Peter.

See what happened on part 2, The Truth Behind Sandi’s Fiancé: Revealed.

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Wednesday June 8, 2022


The Truth Behind Sandi’s Fiancé: Revealed

Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Sandi and her three daughters, discussing Sandi’s online relationship, which the daughters believe is a scam. In most “catfish” episodes, the real person in the photos doesn’t know their image is being used – but Sandi’s fiancé, Peter, has been speaking to Dr. Phil’s team, and today, will be sitting down to talk to him via satellite. Peter insists that he loves Sandi and denies that he is scamming her. What does Dr. Phil uncover about his story? And, meet the Nigerian correspondent who interviewed Peter and says he noticed some “interesting” behavior. Will Sandi listen to her daughters’ concerns, or will she fly to Nigeria to marry Peter? Find out today during this part-two conclusion.

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Thursday June 9, 2022


“My Conservatorship Keeps Me from My Millions”

Sarah, 36, received a $5.1 million medical settlement at age 4 after her head was damaged by forceps during birth. This money was held for Sarah in a trust, but instead of receiving it at 18 or a designated age, she claims family members tried to control her money. Today, Sarah’s money is held in a conservatorship, which she regrets agreeing to, and her husband, Robert, says it’s controlling every step of their daily lives. Sarah meets with Dr. Charles Sophy, child and family psychiatrist, for an evaluation and to get his opinion as to whether she can independently handle her finances. Later, hear from Mark, who met Dr. Phil with his wife, Lori, who suffers from dementia and gave scammers half a million dollars without his knowledge. Mark wonders whether he should put a conservatorship in place for Lori. Dr. Phil is joined by eldercare and estate planning attorney Ann-Margaret Carrozza to consider Sarah and Mark’s cases.

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Friday June 10, 2022


“Humble Yourself and Admit You’re Cheating!”

Nicole claims that every single day she’s “verbally tortured and obliterated” by her husband, Marc. Marc says he’s so angry with Nicole because he’s 100% certain she’s cheated on him. Marc admits he secretly monitors his wife using a hidden cell phone and claims he has over 200 pieces of “irrefutable evidence” of Nicole’s infidelity. Marc says he just wants Nicole to “humble herself” and apologize already! But Nicole swears she’s never cheated, and the whole thing is in Marc’s head. Dr. Phil examines Marc’s evidence. Can this marriage possibly be repaired? Find out!

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