Monday June 13, 2022


“Quadruplets: House of Chaos!”

Christine says when she divorced Tom 14 years ago, it affected all her children, including her quadruplets. Tom claims Christine has brainwashed their children into thinking he was abusive and manipulated them, behavior he denies. Two of their daughters, Maria and Liz, say they hold a lot of anger from their past and manage it through violence, eating disorders, and smoking weed. They currently live at Tom’s house, which they say reminds them of a “mental institution.” They claim there is always screaming and the family punches holes in the walls. Tom says he tries to keep his house in order, but his children have destroyed it, causing over $10k in damage. Maria and Liz say the house is disgusting, and their dad is so controlling that he won’t allow them to clean. Who is telling the truth? Dr. Phil says he is going to get to the root of the problem.

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Tuesday June 14, 2022


Quadruplets Face Off

Maria and Liz say their family is completely toxic. Maria says she takes out her anger by fighting and punching holes in the house, while her sister Liz says she had to quit her job to take care of Maria. Their older sister, Antonia, says she was only able to change her life after moving away from her family. She claims their dad, Tom, is the reason for the family trauma because he’s a sociopath, abusive and an alcoholic – accusations Tom vehemently denies. Their mom, Christine, claims her 20-year-old quadruplet children don’t know how to be adults. Tom claims Christine has given up on their children, and he is their last hope. Who is telling the truth? Plus, award-winning author Mitch Albom joins Dr. Phil for a touching segment about spirituality, life and loss featuring his new novel, The Stranger In The Lifeboat.

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Wednesday June 15, 2022


“19 Years Lost: I Am Innocent”

On April 16, 2001, two lives were forever changed. One, a man gunned down in cold blood, and the other, a teenage girl named Kiera, who was convicted of his murder and sentenced to 60 years to life in prison. After serving over 19 years in prison, Kiera was released early and has continued to claim she is innocent and was falsely incarcerated. Today, Dr. Phil exams Kiera’s case and speaks with her lawyers, who call Kiera’s conviction “the starkest miscarriage of justice” they have ever seen. Dr. Phil looks at all the evidence Kiera and her attorneys claim is proof that she had nothing to do with this horrendous crime. Plus, hear from Kiera’s high school teacher who testified that Kiera was in her classroom at the very same time the murder took place. But that’s not all, also hear from a key witness for the prosecution -- has he now changed his story?

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Thursday June 16, 2022


“Is My Fiancée Cheating with the Mailman?!”

Tom says he’s 100% convinced his fiancée, Teaka, is cheating on him with his friends, neighbors, coworkers, and even the mailman! Therefore, Tom says he’s had no choice but to set up secret surveillance cameras inside their home so he can monitor Teaka’s alleged infidelity. Teaka swears she’s never cheated on Tom and claims he has turned her into a literal prisoner in their home. She says every sound, shadow, or misplaced object turns into Tom’s “evidence” of her cheating. But Tom says he has all-new video evidence to show Dr. Phil and Teaka that he claims proves Teaka’s unfaithfulness. You don’t want to miss it!

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Friday June 17, 2022


"Last Ditch Attempt to Save My Daughter"

Dr. Phil welcomes back previous guest Heather and her daughter, Marissa, who was rebelling in dangerous ways, like stealing her mom’s car and smoking marijuana. Since their appearance, Heather says things have gone from bad to worse. She says Marissa has continued to steal her car, smoke weed, fail at school and get into fist fights with other girls – and allegedly has also tried to kill Heather by poisoning her with hydrocodone tablets. Watch while Dr. Phil reads a chilling text exchange in which Marissa says she has already attempted to kill her mother! Marissa denies she ever tried to poison her mother and says she was just joking around in her texts. Dr. Phil also welcomes back child behavioral psychologist Dr. Michele Borba who conducts a one-on-one session with Marissa to determine why she is lashing out in such a destructive manner. Will Dr. Phil be able to get through to Marissa? Tune in to find out!

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