Monday July 4, 2022


Critical Race Theory: A Nation Divided

Dr. Phil tackles one of the most divisive topics of the year: Critical Race Theory (CRT). Dr. Phil invites passionate parents on both sides of this great debate, including Tiffany and Quisha, founders of the group “Mothers For Liberty,” who say they believe CRT is being taught in K-12 schools and is poisoning the minds of their children. They are joined by fellow ally and mother Amy, who says her young children shouldn’t be expected to be social justice warriors. They debate with moms Laura and Sara who say they support CRT being taught on the college level and do not believe elementary and high schools should avoid talking about race and privilege in classrooms. Dr. Phil also welcomes leading academic Dr. Shaun Harper, who teaches CRT at the university level, and father of three Derrick, who says CRT is keeping racism alive in America. Watch while Dr. Phil speaks to author and writer James Lindsay who passionately decries CRT as “Race Marxism,” and teacher Taylor who says she believes children need to learn about the racist history of the US.

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Tuesday July 5, 2022


“Publicly Shamed By ‘The Cart Narcs’”

Dr. Phil welcomes controversial YouTuber “Agent Sebastian,” who runs a page called “Cart Narcs” where he posts hundreds of explosive videos of him apprehending shoppers in parking lots who do not return their carts to the corrals. “Agent Sebastian” meets one of his so-called “victims,” Tromaine, who was filmed in public by Sebastian for leaving out his cart. Watch while Tromaine tells Sebastian exactly why he believes what he is doing is wrong. Dr. Phil also welcomes Australian radio and TV host Mel Grieg, who experienced the unimaginable in 2012 when a radio prank resulted in a suicide. Then, academic Dr. Nicholas John confronts Sebastian about his motivation for his “Cart Narcs” page. And, social media lawyer Ethan Wall takes part in the conversation to reveal whether what Agent Sebastian is doing is illegal. Is Sebastian breaking the law? Tune in to find out!

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Wednesday July 6, 2022


“My Teen is So Bad, I Called DCFS on Myself!”

Marie is a life coach but says she can’t seem to find a plan that works for her 15-year-old daughter, Willow. Marie wrote to Dr. Phil desperate for his advice because she says her daughter is causing so much chaos in her life that her house is a war zone, and she had to move her younger son out for his safety. Marie says she’s the target of her daughter’s anger, and claims she and her family worry Willow will kill her someday. Willow says she’s done breaking her mom’s bones and home, but she doesn’t know how to stop.

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Thursday July 7, 2022


"The Great Resignation": Do Quitters Ever Win?

As over 30 million Americans quit their jobs this year, Dr. Phil welcomes guests from very different backgrounds to discuss “The Great Resignation” and the phenomenon of “Rage Quitting.” Twenty-one-year-old Edwin says he went viral after posting a video of himself quitting his job in a major store using the PA system. Dr. Phil also speaks to leadership consultant Mike Ashie, who disagrees with how Edwin quit his job. Then, Dr. Phil welcomes money expert Mandi Woodruff Santos, who says she quit her job six times in 10 years and increased her salary by over $100,000! Watch while Dr. Phil discusses “The Great Resignation” with eminent Harvard Business School professor Tsedal Neeley, who claims working from home is the future for millions of Americans. Plus, Dr. Phil speaks to Jessica, a mother of three who says she made a radical career change that has transformed her life!

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Friday July 8, 2022


Knock Knock … It’s Dr. Phil and Robin!/Phanatics’ Biggest Questions

Dr. Phil launched a private “Phanatics” Facebook group last season, where superfans gain exclusive access to news, content, and a “Dr. Phil” community. Today, members of Dr. Phil’s “Phanatics” group discuss common problems and real solutions – with some fun mixed in! First, Dr. Phil and Robin meet a newly engaged couple who say they don’t see “eye-to-eye” on house cleaning. What happens when Dr. Phil and Robin pay them a house call? Next, Dr. Phil speaks with newlyweds about a common question they get asked and why they shouldn’t be asked it. Lastly, Dr. Phil meets a set of twins who do everything together – and we mean everything! What surprise does Dr. Phil have for them? Tune in to find out. You won’t want to miss this episode!

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