Monday July 25, 2022


An Extreme Religious Group Starved Her Baby

Fifteen years ago, Ria says she was a vulnerable 19-year-old mother with a 15-month-old son, Javon. She says she joined a religious group called “1 Mind Ministries” to immerse herself in Christianity. Ria says the leader of the group, “Queen Antoinette,” demanded Ria’s child be starved after he didn’t say “amen” at the end of Grace. Ria says she wanted to save her son but the group’s leader ordered everyone else to closely watch Ria to make sure she didn’t give him food and water. Now 35, Ria says she’s never had the courage to tell her story until now. Find out what Ria says really happened when she shares about the mind control the religious leader had over her. Plus, Joy Fluker says she knows all about mind control because she grew up living with her mother, Anna Young, the leader of “House of Prayer.” In 2016, Joy says she felt guilty but knew it was the right thing to do when she called the police to report her mother. What did her mother do? Find out when Joy tells Dr. Phil it was the hardest thing she’s ever had to do.

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Tuesday July 26, 2022


Social Media vs. Reality: Addicted to Likes?

Is social media good or bad? Is it good for your mental health or can it negatively affect you? Does the use of filters on your pictures and videos on social media affect how you perceive your own body image? It’s the new addiction of our time, and there are proven studies that many people use social media in an attempt to feel better about themselves -- whether they are trying to gain more followers, compare their lives to others, or seek “likes” in order to get validation. Dr. Phil, his panel of experts, and people who are on social media uncover the positives and negatives of social media and what it’s doing to our culture.

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Wednesday July 27, 2022


“Is it My Fault My Mother is Homeless?”

Heather says her mother, Valerie, once looked like a beauty queen and was a singer, dancer, and the life of the party -- but not anymore. Almost seven years ago, Valerie was evicted from her apartment and lost almost everything she owned. Now, Heather says her mother is choosing to live in a tent on the streets, drinking two bottles of vodka a day. Heather says she’s tried to cut her mother from her life, but the weight of knowing her mother is out on the streets alone is taking a devastating toll on Heather. How did Valerie get to rock bottom? Should Heather “disown” her mother? Is there a way she can have her mother in her life? Find out what Dr. Phil thinks Heather should do when he sits down to talk to the entire family.

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Thursday July 28, 2022


When One Pill Kills

Four families come together to talk about the loss of their young children. They say their children purchased counterfeit pills on social media, and had no idea they were laced with fentanyl, a deadly drug that killed their children within moments. These families say it only took one pill – and in some cases just a quarter of a pill – to kill their children after consumption. The families are demanding changes to laws, policies, and accountability from social media companies.

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If you would like to write to your local district attorney regarding enacting Alexandra’s law in plea deals for fentanyl drug dealers, click here for a sample letter provided by Nathan Hochman and Matt Capelouto.

Friday July 29, 2022


Old, Bold, and Breaking the Mold

Dr. Phil welcomes a group of dynamic, vibrant and inspiring seniors to prove that age is just a number. Former guest Lydia, 80, aka "Glamma," who asked him to find her a date, returns. Watch while Lydia meets three wealthy eligible bachelors who each take her on a date, ranging from a gondola ride to fine wine tasting. Which of the three men will Lydia choose? Tune in to find out! Dr. Phil also meets Annie, an 82-year-old social media influencer with over 240K followers, and Ernestine, an 85-year-old bodybuilder who is still training clients half her age!

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