Monday August 1, 2022


“Paranoia, Jealousy, and Wild Accusations”

Steven says he and his girlfriend, Danielle, have been together for 20 years but that he can no longer trust her because he believes Danielle has been hiding secrets from him. He claims Danielle has been prostituting herself and is involved with dangerous people who are forcing her into a dark world of sex and drugs. Steven claims Danielle is so deep into this mess that she refuses to admit to anything – even though he says he has proof that it’s all true. Danielle denies Steven’s claims and says she’s at her breaking point with Steven and his accusations. She is adamant that Steven couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Tuesday August 2, 2022


The Youth Mental Health Crisis

Dr. Phil teams up with leading child behavioral expert Dr. Michele Borba to discuss the youth mental health crisis currently sweeping America. Dr. Phil meets Joselyn, a mother who says her son, Rakim, is totally out of control and will not cooperate with her. Rakim’s father, Robert, says his son’s biggest problem is Joselyn. Then, Janelle says her daughter, Kira, used to be an energetic cheerleader until the lockdown prevented her from engaging in her passion, and she is now a shell of her former self. Watch while Dr. Phil and Dr. Borba have a frank discussion about how negative parenting can damage a child’s development in a major way.

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Wednesday August 3, 2022


“My Husband Needs to Smoke Weed”

Stuart says he has been smoking marijuana for 50 years and has spent over $1 million on pot in his lifetime. Stuart says his addiction to marijuana is so strong that he smokes over 100 times a day just to stay “stoned” all day long. Stuart claims he can’t go anywhere or do anything without getting high. Find out what Stuart says to Dr. Phil that leaves him speechless. Plus, Stuart’s wife, Renee, claims she is desperate for Stuart to put down his pipe once and for all but admits that she drives her husband to marijuana dispensaries. Can Renee stop enabling her husband’s addiction?

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Thursday August 4, 2022


“Is Our Homeless Daughter Brainwashed, Lazy or Just Entitled?”

Brenda and her husband, Andy, say they’re desperately worried about Brenda’s daughter, Autumn, who is living off the grid somewhere in the desert in Arizona, without housing, money or a job. They say they believe Autumn has been brainwashed by her spiritual husband, Mark, to make some very unsafe decisions. But, Autumn disagrees and says she and Mark are in love, and they’ll always follow each other because their "ship is going in the same direction." Autumn’s younger sister, Kaitlyn, says she’s even thought about driving out to Arizona and trying to force her sister to move back home to live with their family in Wisconsin. Dr. Phil talks with the entire family about how to encourage positive change for Autumn and Mark, and offers real possibilities for them to seek the careers they claim are their dream jobs working on a ranch with animals.

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Friday August 5, 2022


“My Lying Husband Refuses to Consummate Our 13-Year Marriage”

Peggy wrote to Dr. Phil four times saying she is upset that her marriage to Steve lacks communication, affection, and sex -- because they have never consummated their union since saying “I do” 13 years ago. While Steve admits he is responsible for some of their marriage issues, he claims Peggy pushed him away by hitting and slapping him and being too controlling. Then, both Dr. Phil and Robin sit down with Peggy and Steve to talk about the future of their relationship and the importance of taking instances of domestic violence seriously.

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