Monday January 16, 2023


How Should We Treat Juvenile Delinquents?

When minors violate the law, should parents be held responsible? Should prosecutors provide these juveniles with resources instead of putting them back on the streets with no punishment or locking them behind bars? Is putting a minor in jail helpful or harmful? Santiago claims his son, Bryce, ran over a police officer and crashed into a house, yet he has only been charged one time and never locked up. Santiago says the system is broken and he is fearful his son will be killed or end up dead unless he suffers some sort of consequence for his actions. Ashley says she has the opposite problem with the system; she claims her son is locked up for minor things, such as behavioral issues, which aren’t crimes. Michelle claims the system has failed her as a parent because the law never helped with her son when he was a minor, and now that he is 18, he gets locked up. Alisa Blair, Policy Director at Pacific Juvenile Defenders Center, says she doesn’t believe locking up minors helps their future. Former police officer Mo Canady and Judge Melisa Powers say they try to resort to school resources before locking a child up -- but sometimes, locking them up is the only answer.

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Tuesday January 17, 2023


Groomed and Deceived by White Coat Predators

In October 2022, Dr. James Heaps, an obstetrician-gynecologist and oncologist at UCLA, was found guilty of five counts related to sexual assault and misconduct against several female patients. Former patients Melanie, Ellen, Gaby, and Nicole, are speaking out about the horrific abuse they claim they endured. Dr. Heaps is just one of many doctors that work in prestigious universities who have broken their Hippocratic Oath to “do no harm.” Former University of Michigan football player Jon Vaughn shares his story of the abuse he claims he endured from Dr. Robert Anderson. He claims he is just one of thousands of his victims who were abused under the guise of “medical care.” Former gymnast Trinae claims she was one of Dr. Larry Nassar’s first victims of abuse. She claims he sexually abused her for years in plain sight. Judge Rosemarie Aquilina, the Michigan circuit court judge who sentenced Nassar and sent him to prison, says she will continue to fight to put white coat predators where they belong: behind bars.

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Wednesday January 18, 2023


DNA Surprises

DNA testing is bringing the era of keeping family secrets to a close. DNA tests spur paternity surprises and lawsuits -- as anyone can pay $50 and then show up on your front doorstep and claim you’re related. This is making some people’s lives better but ruining others. The tests are easy -- but is it worth turning your family upside down? At-home DNA tests have become hugely popular in America, and today, several guests share their DNA shockers. Plus, find out what you should know before taking a DNA test.

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Thursday January 19, 2023


Flavor Chasing: The Teen Vaping Crisis

Not only is vaping physically damaging, but it’s become a real point of contention within families of teen users – with some parents saying they are being driven “crazy” trying to catch their children in the act. With vape devices being so easy to conceal, teens are vaping in plain sight in school and in their homes. One family says their 12-year-old son, Connor, is addicted to vaping and will lie and steal just so he can “hit” his vape. His parents, Vanessa and David, say they’re at their wits' end – they’ve already taken him out of school and stripped his room, but he still finds a way to hide his vapes! So, where -- or who -- is Connor getting them from? Find out! Plus, hear what psychiatrist Dr. Charles Sophy and pulmonologist Dr. Cedric Jamie Rutland have to say about the damaging effects of vaping. Also, Grace and Jordyn share their stories of how vaping put them into the hospital. Both have vowed to never vape again.

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Friday January 20, 2023


Behind the Wheel: Drunk and Deadly

Laura admits to driving drunk thousands of times but says she’s only been “caught” three times. Laura admits that even after receiving her third DUI, she still didn’t learn her lesson and totaled her car after she hit a guardrail, flipped over, and was saved by her airbags. Laura says she doesn’t want to drink and has tried to stay sober but claims the alcohol always wins. Laura says right now, her mother, Shirley, believes she’s 82 days sober but what Shirley doesn’t know is that Laura didn’t make it past 55 days and is drinking again. Laura says she has continued to drive drunk and drinks while driving. Laura says she wouldn’t be able to forgive herself if she hurt someone while driving intoxicated, but she can’t seem to fight her addiction. Dawn and her daughter, Katie, share their tragic story of when Dawn’s car was struck by a drunk driver killing three of her children. Is this the wake-up call Laura needs to put down the bottle for good?

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