Monday January 23, 2023


Addicted to Driving Drunk: Laura’s Final Decision

Laura says she has been lying about her sobriety and hiding her drinking for weeks. Laura claims she wants to stop drinking alcohol but says that every time she tries to get sober, the alcohol wins. Eric shares his story of the time he chose to drive drunk after leaving a bar and killed two 20-year-old girls, Lisa and Meagan, as they were driving home from a babysitting gig. Hear Eric’s message to Laura about her decision to get behind the wheel drunk. And, Meagan’s mother, Renee, shares how that fatal day changed her life forever. Plus, Alex Otte, from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), shares what the organization has been doing to combat drunk driving. Will Laura decide to change her life?


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Tuesday January 24, 2023


Supermom Missing: Inside the Sherri Papini Investigation

Sherri Papini, a mother of two from Redding, California who was called “Supermom” by her family, disappeared on November 2, 2016 Reportedly while jogging near her home. Three weeks later, she turned up battered, burned, and bruised, with a chain around her waist. Was she taken against her will? Or, was she the real-life “Gone Girl”? Papini claimed she’d been abducted by two Hispanic women who branded her and planned to sex traffic her. But behind the scenes, investigators were unraveling a twisted web of deceit and manipulation. Now, five years after she vanished, Papini is behind bars -- but her story isn’t over. Dr. Phil speaks with Captain Pat Kropholler who was in charge of the case and says he suspected from the start that this might be a sick hoax. Also, go inside the investigation and see police evidence photos and interrogation videos of Papini’s twisted lies.

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Wednesday January 25, 2023


Murdaugh Murders

This is a true crime saga like no other. The Murdaugh family is one of the most prominent families in South Carolina and has served in powerful legal positions dating back nearly 100 years. Rumors swirled that Alex Murdaugh and his family could get away with anything. They have been tied to the mysterious deaths of their housekeeper, a high school classmate, and a young woman in a fatal boat crash. In June 2021, Murdaugh allegedly found his wife and younger son shot dead on their hunting lodge property. About a year later, Murdaugh was charged for their murders. The killings set off a bizarre chain of events that included Murdaugh staging his own murder. There are also nearly 100 criminal charges that are linked to him. Dr. Phil is joined by a panel of experts: former criminal prosecutor Loni Coombs; Michal Higdon, anchor and investigative reporter at WCSC-TV Charleston; forensic expert Joseph Scott Morgan; and former FBI agent Bobby Chacon to discuss this case.

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Thursday January 26, 2023


Aging Out Loud!

Have you heard the saying “Men age like a fine wine but women age like a glass of milk?” Despite the fact that celebrities like Jane Fonda and Jamie Lee Curtis are redefining what it means to be a “silver fox,” there is still a huge double standard when it comes to women and aging. Many women say when they hit a certain age, they feel invisible, washed up, and unwanted. In an open discussion, Dr. Phil finds out how women feel about the pressure of aging. Supermodel and writer Paulina Porizkova, 57, is famously candid on social media for shutting down those who think her face needs “fixing” or that she should not be posing in a bikini at her age. Porizkova tells Dr. Phil that women need to embrace their wrinkles and their age. Sixty-year-old Tami says she’s so self-conscious about her age she sometimes won’t leave the house. Thirty-three-year-old Fifi says she’s consumed by her fear of aging. And, 54-year-old Terry says between her throat wattle, age spots, wrinkles, and bifocals, it’s impossible to look in the mirror and feel good. Plus, meet mother/daughter duo Elisa and Lily who are the co-founders of Stylelikeu, a website focused on self-acceptance. They are also the brains behind the documentary series “What’s Underneath Project,” where people, like Porizkova, talk about their vulnerabilities while slowly stripping down to their underwear.

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Friday January 27, 2023


The Demise of Guys

Recently, parents across America were googling “who is Andrew Tate?” making him number three in Google searches for 2022, right behind Queen Elizabeth and Donald Trump. Tate claims to be helping young men acquire lots of money, drive luxury cars, and pick up hot women. However, in August 2022, Tate was banned on social media for his misogynist viewpoints. Twenty-four-year-old Ben says when he was a teen, he had zero self-esteem, never got past the first date, and felt powerless with girls. He tells Dr. Phil that men like Tate inspired him to break out of his shell -- and he shares how. Then, a healthy debate about masculinity with the “Godfather of the Manosphere," a scholar and author, a men’s rights attorney, and the CEO and founder of the Center for Countering Digital Hate.

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