Monday January 30, 2023


Growing up Digital: Are Your Kids Addicted?

From social media and gaming to scrolling endlessly online, today's youth are more plugged in when it comes to digital devices. In fact, 50% of teenagers admit they are addicted to their devices, and today, you will learn why! Dr. Phil speaks with Brittney, who says her teenage daughter is so addicted to social media, she resorted to running away from home and living in a tent so her mother cannot restrict her WiFi and social media use. Dr. Phil also speaks with Tammy, who claims her 11-year-old daughter took her own life due to an addiction to social media. Tammy hears for the first time what her daughter posted online weeks before her suicide. Plus, Dr. Phil meets Mark, whose 16-year-old son shot him and then killed his mother after Mark claims they took away a violent video game he was addicted to. And, Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, who is widely considered the foremost digital addiction expert, explains how screen time can seriously affect the development of a child's brain.

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Tuesday January 31, 2023


Silver Splitters: Facing Divorce After 50

Splitting from your spouse is usually full of emotional turmoil and sadness at any age. Within recent years, there has been an increase in “grey” divorces, or separations that happen around or after age 50, also known as “silver splitters." Dr. Phil meets Lara and her husband, Bill, who say they’ve been arguing constantly, and the “divorce” word has come up too often – and they want to know how to fix what’s wrong. Then, Simona Fusco, matchmaker and the founder of Perfect 12, sets up Kelly and Alex, both 51 and divorced parents, who say they are looking to start their lives over with someone new. Will they be a match? And, we catch up with past guests Paula and Jeremy, who were on the verge of divorce when they last appeared on Dr. Phil. Find out their surprising update. Plus, an organization that encourages children with autism to get on the tennis court and into physical and social activity. Hear more about ACEing Autism and how to bring their programs into your community and schools.

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Wednesday February 1, 2023


Unsecured Guns: Who’s to Blame?

Baronica and Nathan say that on July 10, 2021, their then 9-year-old son shot his 8-year-old brother in the chest with one of six unsecured guns in their home. The parents bravely come forward to tell their story in hopes that other parents will learn from their mistakes. Then, Kristin says the last time she saw her 15-year-old son, Ethan, he was heading to his best friend’s house. Within hours, she was informed Ethan had been killed by an unsecured gun in his best friend’s house. Kristin has fought to have Ethan’s Law enacted in CT, which ensures that parents are held accountable for the safe storage of their weapons. And, hear from Susan, whose daughter Amanda was sitting on a park bench when she was shot by a group of young people, leaving her paralyzed. Plus, Ryan Busse, a former gun industry executive who says he left the industry after seeing how fear tactics were being used to sell guns, joins the conversation. This is a show every parent needs to watch -- whether you own a firearm or not.

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Thursday February 2, 2023


He’s Saving Models from Being Kidnapped … Or Is He?

James says he wants to raise awareness about the kidnapping epidemic of models the Los Angeles area. James says he meets women online, and when they are on their way to meet, the women are kidnapped and transported to an undisclosed camp. Then, he says a gang leader from the camp contacts him, and he saves these women by sending gift cards to free them – because the gangs only accept gift cards. Today, Dr. Phil talks to James about these alleged online models, specifically “Ava,” who James says he invited to the taping, and “Maria,” who James says he recently saved from a camp. Is James saving models? Or, is his kindness being taken advantage of and he is being scammed for money? And, does the woman in the photos of “Ava” show up to meet Dr. Phil? Find out.

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Friday February 3, 2023


Feuding Neighbors: “Stop Feeding the Iguanas!”

Have you ever had a neighbor that you can’t stand? Nearly three-quarters of Americans dislike at least one of their neighbors. There’s nothing quite like a bad neighbor to turn your little corner of paradise into a new kind of nightmare. In South Florida, iguanas are destroying people’s yards and plants and damaging their property. And, feeding iguanas can attract more, leading to a nuisance for some South Florida homeowners. Dr. Phil speaks to Darren, an animal lover who says he doesn’t see any problem feeding the green iguanas that are overpopulating the lake in his townhome community. Darren says he doesn’t understand why his neighbors are so upset with him. He claims his neighbors are just jealous because the iguanas like him and don’t eat his plants, while they eat all his neighbors’ plants. Matthew says he lives three houses away from Darren and is tired of him feeding the reptiles. Matthew, who admits to having arguments with Darren and allowing his dogs to defecate in Darren’s yard, says Darren is making the iguana problem worse. How does Darren respond to his neighbor? Darren’s daughter, Ariela, and her boyfriend, Kyle, share how they feel about her dad’s behavior. Plus, Perry Colato, owner of Redline Iguana Removal in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area, joins the conversation to share what he says are proven risks of feeding wildlife in South Florida. Will Darren have a change of heart? Tune in to find out.

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