Monday March 13, 2023


“How Safe Are Our Streets?”

Stories of innocent citizens being brutally attacked by complete strangers who have long and violent criminal histories have become all too common. Many claim these attacks are a result of soft-on-crime policies enacted by “woke” and “progressive” district attorneys and other elected officials. They claim this pro-criminal agenda emboldens criminals and allows them to stay out of jail and prison while leaving residents unsafe and victims abandoned. Others contend criminal justice reforms are needed to fix a broken and unjust criminal justice system. Dr. Phil has a powerful discussion with people on both sides of this issue. Plus, Dr. Phil speaks with Olympic volleyball medalist Kim Glass and former Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Irene Lee, who both claim they were attacked by the same man, a reported violent career criminal, who they say should never have been allowed to walk the streets. And, Dr. Phil speaks with a current Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney who claims his boss has “hijacked” the DA’s office and placed the rights of criminals above those of victims.

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Tuesday March 14, 2023


The Invisibility of Anti-Asian Hate

A mother says she was assaulted in front of her family at a fast-food restaurant, and a young man was beaten on a New York street in broad daylight. What do these incidents have in common? They were allegedly instigated by hate. In the U.S. in 2020, there were approximately 8,000 hate crimes reported to the FBI by law enforcement agencies. However, some Department Of Justice experts say they believe the number is closer to 250,000 per year. Dr. Phil speaks with parents, Gabriel and Nerissa, their daughter, Patricia, and their attorney, Sandy Roxas, who explain why they feel anti-Asian hate is often overlooked. The close-knit family says they are traumatized after a recent incident at a fast-food drive-thru involving a stranger who mocked them using a fake Asian accent. How do they claim the police reacted even with videotaped evidence? And, why do they say they feel ignored? They say they’re sharing their heartbreaking testimony as a call for everyone -- no matter their background -- to stand up in solidarity against hate.

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Wednesday March 15, 2023


Fighting Antisemitism

Dr. Phil continues his conversation about the rise of hate crimes in America. Joey, a Jewish man, says he was assaulted in New York City by a gang who punched, kicked, and pepper-sprayed him on the street while shouting antisemitic slurs. Now, one year later, Joey says he’s tried to move on but still can’t understand that level of hatred. Find out what he says happened in the attack that made national news and landed Joey in the hospital. Then, Rabbi Aryeh Cohen shares some insight as to why hate crimes against Jewish people are sometimes ignored. Plus, meet a former white supremacist, Christian, who explains the psychology behind people who commit acts of violence due to extreme feelings of hate. And, Becky Monroe, Deputy Director of Strategic Initiatives and External Affairs for California, shares insightful information after tracking hate crimes across America, and law enforcement analyst Mark Powell explains why police officers do not immediately assume an incident is a hate crime, even with video evidence. You won’t want to miss this revealing episode.

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Thursday March 16, 2023


Sextortion: It Could Be Happening to Your Child

Sextortion, when someone blackmails you into providing them money, images of a sexual nature, or sexual favors by threatening to release your graphic information, videos, and/or pictures, is real and is not only happening to adults. College students and young kids from kindergarten to teens in high school are also becoming victims. Parents, this is a wake-up call because, in some of these cases, the results are fatal. Kaylee says she was a victim of sextortion from 12-16 years old. She says her sextortionists groomed her by pretending to be her friends online. Kaylee’s mother, Angela, says she only found out when the FBI showed up at her door when Kaylee was 19. Sierra, Kaylee’s best friend, says she was also groomed by the same men as Kaylee, but neither of them knew about the other until years later. Then, meet Carol whose 15-year-old daughter, Amanda, was sextorted and tragically took her own life. Sergeant Sean Pierce, Commander of the Silicon Valley Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, and Angelie Donzanti, Crime and Intelligence Analyst with the San Jose Police Department, join the conversation and reveal what to look for and what not to post online.

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Friday March 17, 2023


Sextorted to Death

Dr. Phil continues his conversation about “sextortion,” a serious crime that occurs when someone manipulates you into sending a compromising image and threatens to distribute your private and sensitive material if you don’t provide them more images, sexual favors, or money. These relentless and remorseless predators are targeting children as young as 5 years old, and it’s not only happening to girls; boys are also victims as well. Mary and Darren say their son, Riley, died by suicide after being sextorted when he was 15. Pauline says her 17-year-old son, Ryan, sent a perpetrator, who he thought was a girl his age, a photo, and that’s when the blackmailing began. Pauline says after only eight hours, Ryan tragically took his own life. Pauline says she now works with Angelie Donzanti, Crime and Intelligence Analyst for the San Jose Police Department, who runs the Vigilant Parent Initiative, a hands-on learning program that gives parents and educators a deeper dive into the current trending apps. Plus, Sergeant Sean Pierce, Commander of the Silicon Valley Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, says there’s no difference between giving your child unlimited access to the internet and leaving your child home alone with the front door open.

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