Monday May 15, 2023


Families Fighting For Freedom

Doreen and Yvette have never met, but they have a lot in common; both say their lives are consumed fighting for freedom in a broken justice system. Doreen’s son, John Giuca, and Yvette’s brother, Billie Allen, have spent half their lives in prison for crimes they say they did not commit. John was convicted of murder and sentenced to 25 years to life. Billie was convicted of murder and robbery and sentenced to death. Both women say they will stop at nothing to get their loved one out of prison. Doreen even went undercover and transformed herself from an everyday mother into a sexy blond 30-something in order to befriend a juror from John’s murder trial. Find out what she says she uncovered. John and Billie’s attorneys, Mark Bederow, Marty Tankleff, and Marc Howard, and “Wrongful Convictions” podcaster Jason Flom explain to Dr. Phil why there are flaws in our justice system that need changing. And, meet college graduate Jaye, who took part in a class called “Making an Exoneree.” She tells Dr. Phil what it was like to meet Billie in person. Plus, actor Gbenga Akinnagbe and activist Whitney Meilan Yang share why they joined Billie’s campaign.

Tuesday May 16, 2023


9 Execution Dates, 3 Last Meals: Save Richard Glossip!

Richard Glossip was convicted of first-degree murder in 1998 for the beating death of his boss, Barry Van Treese. The conviction was based largely on the testimony of Justin Sneed, who admitted to killing Van Treese but claimed Glossip hired him to carry out the murder. Glossip’s case was featured on Dr. Phil in 2015. Then, in 2021, Dr. Phil interviewed Glossip from death row. Now, Dr. Phil learns the newest details of Glossip's case. On April 24, 2023, Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond wrote the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board respectfully urging to recommend clemency for Glossip. On May 5, 2023, 60-year-old Glossip was granted another stay of execution after the Supreme Court blocked his execution which was planned for May 18. Dr. Phil joins lawmakers, including Rep. Kevin McDugle and Rep. Justin Humphrey, Glossip's attorney, Don Knight, Sister Prejean, Glossip’s wife, Lea Glossip, and Oklahoma politician Justin Jackson, in Oklahoma City for a rally and press conference at the Oklahoma State Capitol to speak out against the state's conviction of Glossip. See Dr. Phil’s exclusive interview with Lea after she recently spoke to Robin McGraw. What did they share during the conversation “wife to wife?” What happens next for Glossip after this most recent stay of execution?

Wednesday May 17, 2023


Battle of the Sexes

Andrew Tate is known for his misogynistic social media posts and videos claiming to be helping young men acquire lots of money, drive luxury cars, and pick up hot women. Tate is fighting a legal battle in Romania right now, but should parents worry about his influence on their sons? Before Tate was detained, Dr. Phil spoke with Richard Reeves, senior fellow at the Brookings Institute and author “Of Boys and Men: Why the Modern Male is Struggling, Why it Matters, and What to Do about It”; Marilyn York, a men’s rights attorney; Imran Ahmed, CEO and founder of the Center for Countering Digital Hate; and blogger and author Rollo Tomassi. Plus, hear from a group of teenage boys who surprise their mothers when they share what they think about Tate. And, Robin joins the conversation.

Thursday May 18, 2023


Thank You Dr. Phil: Amazing Updates

Dr. Phil follows up with some of his most talked about guests to find out what happened when they left his stage and returned home. Karen says she was in love with a man she had never met or even video chatted with! Her daughter, Mindy, insisted she was being catfished. Has Karen stopped speaking with the man who claimed to be stuck at sea? Then, Renatta turned to food to cope with the loss of several family members. You won't believe her incredible weight loss transformation! Are Lori and Bob still trapped in a house full of clutter and buried by their belongings? Next, a former guest gets the surprise of her life – a proposal from her boyfriend! Plus, find out how Lydia, the 80-year-old champagne toasting "Glamma," is doing now. And finally, philanthropist Nancy Davis discusses her foundation, Cure Addiction Now, and how she is dedicated to changing the addiction treatment landscape to save lives.

Friday May 19, 2023


Dr. Phil Changed My Life

Dr. Phil continues to share amazing updates and transformations about the guests viewers ask about most. Did Stuart, who had a 50-year addiction to marijuana, put down his pipe and get sober? Then, find out what happened after Dr. Phil and Robin made a surprise house call to a couple who were battling over chores. Also, Pepper and Pearson were contemplating divorce when they first appeared. Did Dr. Phil and Robin’s advice keep them from ending their over 40-year marriage? Plus, Dr. Phil speaks with Debbie, whose son, Brandon, once battled drug addiction. And, catch up with Erin, who wanted to drop out of college to become a social media influencer. Lastly, hear from Aileen, who survived an abduction that resulted in her husband being executed in front of her, and how she is doing now.