From the outside, 27-year-old Jennifer says she appeared to be in a happy relationship with George, a former cop who was 17 years her senior and the father of her three children. But, she says she was hiding a painful secret: She claims George started sexually abusing her when she was 8 years old — while he was dating her mother. This show contains strong sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

“Living a Nightmare”

Jennifer says when she was 5 years old, her mother met George, a police officer who owned a pizza shop, and that several months later, she and her mom — who was then dating George — moved in with him. Jennifer claims that George — who was 17 years her senior and had been acting as her father figure — started sexually abusing her when she was 8.

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Jennifer calls George “the better parent,” because he paid attention to her — something she says her mother never did. “He was always nice when he was sexually abusing me; it was never violent,” she says. “I never told him to stop, because I was scared.” She claims that as she got older, he used drugs to control her.

Jennifer says the abuse continued through her teen years, and at 15, she conceived her first child with George, giving birth at 16. “I had no idea that what was happening to me was wrong,” she says. When she was 17, she says she and her mother left George, but she went back to him at 19, and soon after, they had their second child. “I believe George got me pregnant the second time because he wanted to trap me,” she claims — although she admits her third child was planned. At one point, she says George gave her an engagement ring and asked her to marry him. “I said yes, because I was trapped," she says. “I tried to leave George probably about three times, but he always had me come back because of the kids."

In 2011, when Jennifer was 25, she finally left George for good. When he tried to get custody of their three children, an employee in the child support office noticed a red flag, and George was later arrested after an investigation. George's arrest made local headlines, but Jennifer says many people in her town refuse to believe her story — including her own mom, who she says supported George during the trial.

How and why was George arrested? And, how does Jennifer feel about his four-and-a-half-year prison sentence?

“Why Won’t Anyone Believe Me?”

Brittany, Jennifer’s friend of 13 years, says that growing up, she frequently stayed at Jennifer’s house and that the group would often party. She claims that George supplied them with drugs and on one occasion, he attempted to kiss and touch her, but she refused. When she was 13 or 14, Brittany says she found nude photos of Jennifer on George’s computer. “He had to have been the one who took them, because there was never anybody else in the house,” she claims. “I look back, and there are so many things I do see now that I should’ve known were wrong.

“Nobody ever wants to know [Jennifer’s] side of the story,” she continues. “[George] is a good liar. He’s a manipulator. I don’t know how he’s able to manipulate people so well.”

George's friend of 20 years, Brian, says he does not believe Jennifer's claims. “George told me that he did not start a sexual relationship with Jennifer until after she was 16 years old,” he says. “I don’t agree with it, but to each his own.” He says when he found out his friend had been arrested and charged, he was shocked. “I believe the motivation behind this is ultimately money, because once Jennifer moved out, she had no money,” he says, adding that if Jennifer got custody of her children, she would be in charge of a trust fund for her oldest child, in the amount of approximately $1.8 million.

“I want everyone to know that George was a loving fiancé to Jennifer. He was a great dad. He loved his kids. He still loves his kids,” he says.

George’s attorney, Sam Shamansky, says there’s no evidence of sexual abuse against his client. So, why did George accept a plea agreement? 

“What you’re doing is blaming the victim, and that is absolutely absurd.”

Is Brian calling Jennifer a liar? And, after hearing Jennifer describe the abuse she says she endured, will he change his opinion?

Jennifer agreed to take a polygraph test prior to the show taping. How will Brian react to the results? Plus, Sam shares his thoughts on the test.

Jennifer’s boyfriend, Brent, talks about the effects of his girlfriend’s painful past on their relationship. And, Dr. Phil offers help.