Dr. Phil speaks one on one with Ed, whose wife of 22 years, Leah, was convicted of holding him at gunpoint and firing five shots at close range. Hear his account of that fateful night. And, hear Leah's side here.

The Husband Speaks Out

Dr. Phil speaks to Ed, the husband and father who found himself in a near-fatal love triangle that put two people behind bars and had him fighting for his life.

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Ed says he was concerned that Leah’s invite to her apartment that day was a set-up but he went because he hoped for the best. Ed says his friend warned him to meet Leah in a public place, but he agreed to meet her at her apartment and check in with that friend at a certain point in the evening. At 11:00, he texted his friend and said everything was OK. Right after that, he says the conversation took a turn for the worse.

“The first hour we talked, we laughed, we cried. We talked about good times, we talked about bad times. There was a little bit of arguing, but there was a wide range of emotions,” Ed says.

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Ed says that he could hear Leah's boyfriend, Mark, through the phone receiver. “I could hear everything that he was saying to her,” he recalls. He claims he heard Mark ask Leah, “You haven’t done it yet?” He says that’s when he was sure he was going to be shot. He says he panicked and thought of anything that could get him out of the situation.

He says up until the phone call with Mark, even with the gun pointed at him, he was sure that she was just trying to scare him. “That changed everything,” he says of their call.

Leah pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree felonious assault and one count of third-degree felony abduction. Mark pleaded guilty to inciting to violence, a third-degree felony.

Statement from Mark:

“I have admitted guilt to a specific charge and have paid my debt to society. My reconciliation with my family is my highest priority. It is my intention to put this matter in the past, as I heal and help those close to me heal as well. It is my feeling that attempts to sensationalize this matter only promote and invite further pain to everyone involved.”

Ed shares details of that fateful day with Dr. Phil. “A lot of people get divorced. A lot of people get separated. Why did this one end with you getting shot?”

“Were you obsessed with this woman?”

How does Ed feel about Leah now? Does he hope to reconcile?

Why does Ed say he refused to testify against Leah in court? And, Mark Brown, the first police officer on the scene, says what he found suspicious.

“I know that my dad is still in love with my mom,” the couple's 21-year-old daughter, Maria, says.

Ed says he has trouble trusting Leah now. “I have forgiven her, but it’s hard to forget,” he says.

“Trust is not about the other person," Dr. Phil tells Ed. "How much you trust someone else is a function of how much you trust yourself in your ability to handle whatever they do. If you put yourself out there emotionally, you will be hurt.”

Ed and Leah’s daughter speaks out. Who does she side with?

Dr. Phil gives Ed some advice. “Until you do, you’re building a house on sand.”

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