Charlotte’s ex-boyfriend, Gary, has been charged with the first-degree murder of 20-year-old Heather, who was found shot in the stomach and face in March 2013, and Charlotte says she blames herself. She accuses Gary of victimizing her physically and sexually for years and claims she failed to tell the whole truth to prosecutors when Gary was charged with first-degree assault with a deadly weapon against her, thereby allowing him to serve minimal jail time. Now, hear from a lead investigator in Heather’s case — can Charlotte help prosecutors — and will she?

Life with Gary

Charlotte claims she didn’t tell the court the whole truth about the horrific abuse she says she suffered at the hands of her ex, Gary, while they were together. Many of his charges were reduced or dismissed, and Charlotte says she feels in part to blame for that.

She says she finally decided to leave Gary when he allegedly beat their young son with a belt, leaving a large welt across the boy's face. However, when she finally ended things, she claims that Gary found her and their son and abducted both with a knife, leading to his arrest.

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Charlotte shares her alleged abuse and her unbearable guilt. “I feel like I’m responsible for her death. Her death didn’t need to happen. I feel completely guilty.”

Charlotte details a terrifying abuse allegation that she says occurred when Gary was released from jail. Dr. Phil asks, “Who bailed him out? Tell me it wasn’t you.”

Charlotte says she is still haunted by her past. She says she has frequent nightmares that Gary is raping her and trying to kill her, and she wakes up screaming.

The Investigation, and Further Abuse Allegations

Det. Jeff Barrington, who is working on Heather Cassel’s case, opens up about the ongoing murder investigation. And, Charlotte’s former live-in nanny, Jennifer, shares what she calls a terrifying experience while living with the couple. She accuses Gary of sexually assaulting her and claims her screams were ignored. What — if anything — did Charlotte hear?

The lead investigator in the Heather Cassel case calls into the show. Can Charlotte help prosecutors?

Jennifer shares her account of alleged abuse. And, what did Charlotte know?

A Family Left Broken

Charlotte’s son, Jake, recalls what he remembers of his mother and father’s alleged stormy relationship and shares what concerns him most now.

Charlotte says she holds a lot of anger inside because of her abusive past. She says she’s even gotten physical with her new husband, Race, punching him in the face. She says Race can be cold and callous and doesn’t show sympathy for all she’s been through.

Race says Charlotte is obsessed about the past, and that since Gary was arrested on first-degree murder charges, his wife has gone through a giant spiral. “I think she’s re-victimizing herself,” he says.

Charlotte says her marriage is suffering, and she doesn’t know where to turn. “I don’t know who to talk to if I can’t talk to my own husband,” she says.

Jake opens up. Does he have a relationship with his father now?

Race wants his wife, Charlotte, to move on from her abusive past. Dr. Phil shares his advice on what both partners can do. “We have the same goal; our methods are different.”

Dr. Phil offers Charlotte specialized help to deal with the wounds of her past, and she accepts.

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