Dr. Phil’s guests are torn apart by secrets, betrayal and lies. With his help, can they find peace and move forward with their lives?

Addicted to Painkillers?

"My husband is a drug addict. He is addicted to OxyContin, oxycodone and methadone," says Jodi, of her husband of 24 years and father of her two sons. She adds that Glenn lies to her, visits doctors behind her back and spends thousands of dollars on the pills. "It wasn’t until I got an insurance letter in the mail that I first saw the word OxyContin. Glenn just quickly went into his rationale: ‘It is medicine. I need it for my back. I am not a drug addict.’"

"Jodi thinks I’m a drug addict because I take OxyContin and oxycodone, which was prescribed for a long-term back injury," says Glenn. "It’s something that I need to tolerate the pain. I take one OxyContin in the morning, and four throughout the day, and another one at night." He continues, "She really doesn’t have any sympathy. Jodi hasn’t said a nice thing to me in the last five years. She calls me a piece of *, a loser, a drug addict. Jodi has absolutely poisoned the kids."

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Jodi and Glenn say their relationship is on the brink. "This Glenn is not somebody who I recognize anymore," Jodi says. "I have met with a divorce attorney to find out what my options are. If something doesn’t change, I’m going to lose my mind. I can’t do this anymore."

Jodi tells Dr. Phil that she wants her marriage to work, but Glenn must admit he has a problem and be willing to get help.

Glenn says he’s been to 10 doctors and just wants to find a way to alleviate his pain. “I would love to get off the drugs. I would love to go to detox,” he says.

“Why would you do that if you need them for pain?” Dr. Phil questions. “Are you an abuser, or are you not?”

“I’m not,” Glenn says. “I need to get off drugs to keep my family.”

Dr. Phil confronts Jodi about her behavior. “You need to plug in here and decide you’re going to part of the solution, or you’re going to be part of the problem.”

“You are using a short-term medication on a long-term basis, and I suspect you’re lying to get it.”

“You never surrender to the disease of addiction — not ever.”

Dr. Phil offers to arrange for Glenn to meet with neurosurgeon Dr. Patrick Johnson from Cedars-Sinai Hospital for an evaluation. “I don’t want to just get you off the drugs and then leave you writhing in pain — if it’s legitimate. That’s just trading problems,” Dr. Phil tells Glenn. “I want to find out what is really wrong with you and find out what the appropriate treatment protocol for that is. And the first thing that’s going to have to happen once that’s done is you’re going to have to get off these drugs. You’re going to have to detox, and you’re going to have to use alternative interventions.”

Glenn agrees.

Grieving for Her Husband

Crystal's husband, Rocky, was shot and killed by a man who says he acted in self-defense. She claims that Rocky and their daughter went to the gunman's house to pick up some coolers when the shooting occurred. "Rocky walked to the shooter, and that is when the shooter stood up and shot him the first time," Crystal alleges. "My daughter said that she was screaming, ‘What are you doing? Stop. Please stop!’ My husband then was shot again." She continues, "The shooter called 911 and said that Rocky had charged at him and his wife. My daughter said that that was not true at all."

Crystal says she and her family are grief-stricken. "He didn’t deserve this. My children didn’t deserve this," she says.

Crystal tells Dr. Phil that the man who shot Rocky was a good friend of theirs. “He called my daughter his princess,” she says, fighting back tears. “The week before my husband died, we all went out to karaoke together, which was the last time they had spoken or seen each other.”

Crystal recalls the events leading up to her husband’s death. “He was mad at me; He wasn’t mad at my husband.”

“I don’t know how to go on, when the other half of me is already gone.

Dr. Phil arranges for Crystal and her children to see a skilled grief counselor.

Living Two Lives

Detectives say Robert Arcieri carried out a life of crime — including involvement with organized crime — during the 1980s. Twenty-five years ago, he disappeared on the Colorado River, and it was believed he had drowned. Recently, he was found alive and well, living a double life as Frank Roman Reynolds in Palm Springs, CA. Now 73, Robert was arrested and pleaded guilty to solicitation to commit murder, armed robbery and conspiring to commit theft, and he was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

In a Dr. Phil exclusive, Robert's daughter, Christine, admits that she not only knew her father faked his death, but she helped him plan it. She explains that her dad was charged with robbery and assault and could have possibly gone to jail for 20 or 25 years. "He told me he couldn’t do it, so he needed to fake his death," Christine says. "I would have done anything to keep him safe, and I did. I kept the secret for 25 years."

Christine explains that to escape the law, her father went on a fishing trip and faked a drowning death. "He went in horrible weather conditions, and he had bought a small motor home. Once he got out of the water, he could just walk a few miles, get into the motor home, drive away, and it worked. No one could catch him," she says.

For 25 years, Christine knew where her father was, but no one else did. So, why did she turn him in to the police one year ago?

“I want you to let yourself off the hook,” Dr. Phil tells Christine. “If anybody should feel guilt and shame, it’s for your father involving you in this kind of subterfuge for 25 years.” He continues, “A father’s job is to protect and nurture his children.”

Christine fights back tears.

“You need to do two things,” Dr. Phil says. “Give yourself permission to feel free of that burden and recognize that at this point, you can just live your life. And if your family wants to be mad at you, if your family wants to be upset, let them walk in your shoes for 25 years carrying that secret. Let them judge you then.”

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