Three years ago, Glenn Lemoine’s body was found floating in a canal — just miles away from his abandoned car — and his death remains a mystery. His 11 children want answers — and several of them are pointing fingers at their own family members. What do they think happened to their father? Denise, Amy and Bernadette say they suspect their mother, Ellen, and brother, Shawn, have knowledge of what really happened to their father. Ellen and Shawn strongly deny having anything to do with Glenn’s death and say they’re willing to take polygraph tests to prove their innocence. What will the results reveal? Plus, Glenn’s body was exhumed for a second autopsy — did the medical examiner find anything suspicious?

A Family Divided

In August 2010, 60-year-old Glenn Lemoine disappeared after a night of gambling at a local casino. A few days later, his body was found in a canal, two miles away from his car, which had veered off the roadway and landed in a ditch. An autopsy listed the cause of death as undetermined, but three of Glenn’s daughters, 31-year-old Amy, 28-year-old Bernadette and 35-year-old Denise, say they believe foul play was involved — and they’re pointing the finger at their own family members. “I believe, in my heart, that my dad was beaten and thrown in the water by someone,” Amy says.

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The sisters say they suspect their mother, Ellen, and 38-year-old brother, Shawn, have knowledge of what really happened to their father. “I think Shawn and Mom share a lot of secrets,” Bernadette claims, adding that she feels her mother only cares about money from Glenn’s estate. They also claim that Shawn — who works at the casino — left work early that night, which they say is out of character.

Shawn and Ellen strongly deny having anything to do with Glenn’s death. “I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that my own flesh and blood would think that I or my mother would want to cover up anything,” Shawn says, adding that he checked on his father before leaving the casino. “I feel that they just cannot accept that they may never know what happened to my father that night.”

Ellen says she’s hurt and angry that her daughters are accusing her, and she doesn’t know what will convince them that she’s innocent. “I wish I knew. Whatever they want, I’ll give it,” she says. “I don’t know what more to tell them. We are hiding nothing.” She claims she's been concerned about money because the IRS is taxing her for the entire amount that was taken out of Glenn's retirement account, in her name. "I cannot get my daughter to give me just the portion of money that I need to pay my taxes," she says.

The sisters even hired a private investigator and had their father's body exhumed for a second autopsy. What was found?

Hear the sisters’ theories on why they believe their father’s death was not an accident.

Emotions run high when the women confront their mother and brother. “It hurts so badly.”

Ellen answers to the accusations and addresses her daughters. “I can’t bring back your father.” Plus, hear from Ellen’s other children.

“Is there a possibility here that his lifestyle, the choices that he was making, is what led to his death?”

Second Autopsy

Medical Examiner Dr. Adel Shaker, who performed the second autopsy on Glenn, two years later, joins the show via phone.

How does the second autopsy differ from the first findings?

The Polygraph Tests

Ellen and Shawn agree to take polygraph tests, administered by polygraph expert Jack Trimarco.

Hear the polygraph results. How will the family react?

Amy says that she feels Shawn wants them to stop looking for answers, and he clarifies. “I don’t believe that anybody should ever give up hope that, one day, something is going to happen, but I do believe that they have to, somehow, put this on the back burner to move forward with their lives,” he responds.

Dr. Phil tells the sisters that everyone grieves differently, and it doesn’t mean Shawn loved their father any less if he grieves in his own way. “People confuse that. They think, ‘If I loved really deeply, and I loved in a committed way, then I will grieve deeply, and I will grieve forever,’” he says.

“Your challenge is to balance your life with never giving up your commitment to find and hold accountable the person or persons involved in this, yet not letting it rob you of joy in your life,” Dr. Phil says. “You never forget him. You never give up the hunt, but if you spend the rest of your life angry and bitter, that serves no one. It just means that more lives than his were destroyed.”

Sheriff's Department Statement

The St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office has released the following statement about Glenn Lemoine’s death:

The St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office continues to engage in an ongoing investigation regarding the circumstances surrounding the death of Glenn Lemoine in August 2010. The St. Mary Parish Coroner's report indicated an undetermined cause of death. Because of this determination, the Sheriff's Office investigation is open as to the cause of death. We have and will pursue any new information or leads we receive. Because this is an ongoing investigation, the Sheriff's Office cannot publicly comment on particular evidence or the details surrounding the case.

Extra Content

  • If you have any information regarding the death of Glenn Lemoine, please call (985) 518-0030.