Joey and Amanda are in the midst of a divorce, and Joey blames his mother-in-law for destroying their marriage — but why? And, Ashley says her husband, Matt, had an affair with one of her friends, and now she’s afraid to let him out of her sight. Can she learn to trust him again, or are they better off apart?

The Blame Game

Soon-to-be exes Joey, 33, and Amanda, 23, say their marriage was over six months after they tied the knot, and Joey blames his mother-in-law, Mina, for stirring up drama. He calls her controlling, mean and spiteful, and says that she’s 90-percent responsible for his marital problems.

Mina says she disliked Joey from the start and blames him for the failed marriage. “Joey is a very hostile, volatile and disagreeable person,” she claims.

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Amanda says she and Joey started fighting a lot after she found out she was pregnant with their now 2-year-old daughter, Joey Lou. She says another source of contention was when her mother told her she should leave Joey’s name off of the birth certificate, until they were married.

Mina says that she came up with the suggestion after Amanda and Joey had a bad fight, and adds, “There are ways in the state of Utah that if he wants to be the parent, he can take care of that.”

Amanda says Joey has anger issues and yells, curses and punches the air when he’s mad. She also claims that Joey pushed her against a kitchen counter when she was 8 weeks pregnant with their now 4-month-old son, Ian. “I knew at that point that I was definitely unsafe around him,” she says, adding that she called the police and left with their then 18-month-old daughter.

“That was her proof that she could take to her family and say that I was a violent person,” Joey responds, claiming that he and Amanda tripped over each other, and she was accidentally pushed into counter.

Joey admits that he has called Mina names and sent her nasty text messages but says she's controlling and always creates drama. He also says that Mina and Amanda kept the birth of his son from him until a week later. “He existed in the world for one week, and I didn’t know anything about him,” he says.

“To me, being a dad is a lot more than being able to inseminate someone,” Mina responds. Dr. Phil asks if she’s overinvolved in her daughter’s relationship, and she says, “I don’t think that I’m overinvolved, but I do think other people think I am," referring to Joey and his family. She points out that when Amanda had a temporary protective order against Joey, she had to act as a mediator.

“I needed a support system, and my mom was my support system,” Amanda says.

“What’s your ownership in this?” Plus, Joey answers to the accusations against him.

Amanda explains how she says custody issues with Joey continued — even after they flew to Los Angeles to appear on the show.

Sparks fly when Joey accuses Amanda of lying.

False Accusations

Mina says last month, Joey showed up at her house an hour early for parent time, grabbed his daughter, said something degrading to her, and then walked off.

Joey says that Mina had told him that he could not take his daughter out of the house, “I just went ahead and picked her up, and threw her on my hip, and took off,” he admits.

Mina says she asked Joey where was taking his daughter — and when he would return — and when he didn’t answer her, she called the police.

Joey says that Mina told police that he tried to kidnap his daughter — a claim he denies.

“I really don’t like, at all, the way that he’s handling his responsibilities as a parent, and handling these parent time exchanges, but I’m not in charge of him,” Mina says.

“Not anymore, you’re not,” Joey responds.

Joey says Mina has falsely accused him of being inappropriate with his daughter — how does she respond? Plus, Dr. Phil offers the family help in moving forward and co-parenting peacefully.

Cheating Husband, Broken Trust

Ashley says her husband, Matt, had an affair with one of her friends a year-and-a-half ago, and now she’s afraid to let him out of her sight. Matt admits he has cheated on his wife with three different women — including one just two weeks before they got married, and another while she was pregnant and on bed rest — but he insists he’s been faithful since the last affair.

Ashley says she doesn’t trust Matt and feels he’s having affairs to intentionally hurt her. “He’s choosing people whom I have a history with, whom I know, whom I love,” she says, adding that she believes he’s had more than three affairs.

Why did Matt cheat on his wife?

Ashley says she’s “damaged” from her husband’s affairs and struggles with anxiety as a result. Dr. Phil offers help.

Web Extra: Doctor on Demand

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See how the Doctor on Demand app works — and how it helps Ashley with her anxiety.

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