Valerie says her 19-year-old daughter, Alyssa, is a lazy, irresponsible mom who refuses to get a job and is often found asleep on the couch, leaving her 11-month-old baby unattended. Valerie claims she and her husband, Greg, are frequently left to care for the baby while Alyssa goes out with friends. Alyssa says she can’t stand being around the house because her mother and stepfather are religious extremists with overbearing rules. She says Greg installed cameras to monitor when she comes and goes, and her mother tracks her every move with the GPS on her phone. Alyssa also reveals that she recently shared a horrific secret with her parents — but questions whether they believe her. Alyssa takes a polygraph test to back her claim — what will the results reveal? And, can Dr. Phil heal this fractured family and bring peace back into their home? Then, actor and model Antonio Sabato Jr. is campaigning for a new law banning the growth and distribution of medical marijuana in homes with children under 18. He faces off with the “Martha Stewart of Marijuana,” Cheryl Shuman, Executive Director of the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club. Find out why they are so passionate about this controversial subject.

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Mooching Teen Mom or Overbearing Parents?

“Alyssa does nothing to contribute to this house.”

Alyssa tells Dr. Phil that she’s not lazy, despite the photos of the dirty house. “I feel like every time I do clean, they don’t say, ‘Thank you,’ and they make me feel like it’s not even my house,” she says.

“You’re a guest in their home, but you don’t like their rules, and you don’t like their attitude, and you don’t like their expectations,” Dr. Phil surmises.“Move!”

“I can’t. I have nowhere else to go,” she says.

Dr. Phil asks Valerie what she wants to see happen.

Valerie says she’d be happy to care for Alyssa’s baby in the evening if she knew Alyssa was going to work or to school. She’d also like to communicate better with her daughter, because they don’t talk to each other anymore.

Dr. Phil notes that Greg admits that he doesn’t talk with his stepdaughter at all.

“I told her mother that I didn’t want to be alone in same room with her because of any accusations that she may make that may cause me heartache down the road. I just stay away from it. I got tired of her lip, the way she treats her mother. She doesn’t respect either one of us,” he says.

When Dr. Phil asks Alyssa if she does drugs, she says she doesn’t any longer, but she used to, in high school. Dr. Phil turns to Valerie and Greg. “You raised her. If she is as you describe her: lazy, unmotivated, untrustworthy — so much so you’re afraid to be in a room with her — and disrespectful, and got a bad mouth on her, and lots of lip, and won’t get a job and all of that, you’ve kind of run this one off in the ditch, haven’t you?”

“Yes sir,” Valerie admits.

“And your security measures are pretty extensive and pretty impressive,” Dr. Phil says to Greg. “You keep documents of her text messages and emails. You installed monitoring software on the home computer. You’ve tapped the home phone and recorded hours of phone calls. You’ve researched addresses mentioned in her conversations. You’ve installed motion detector cameras in the garage that sends a text message and email with a 10 second video. You took pictures of a boy leaving the house as evidence. You installed keyed locks on all the windows. You double dead bolted all the doors. You installed a home alarm system. You refused to give her a key to the house — she has to come through the garage, where there’s a motion detector and video camera.”

Dr. Phil points out that although they gathered a lot of information on their daughter through their surveillance, she still got pregnant by a boy who’s currently in jail. 

Valerie says she tried to forbid her daughter from hanging out with certain people, but she wouldn’t listen. She says she’s also taken Alyssa’s car away and turned her cell phone off, but it didn’t help either.

Dr. Phil asks Alyssa, “Did you want to get pregnant?”

“No. I didn’t plan on it. It just happened,” she says. She admits they didn't take precautions.

A Teen in Turmoil

Is Alyssa being honest with Dr. Phil? He has his doubts and reveals the results of a drug test she took that morning.

Alyssa opens up about the horrific secret she recently revealed to Valerie and Greg. Do they believe her?

Valerie says she feels like a failure as a mother because she never knew Alyssa was being abused. “Had I known, I never would’ve sent her anywhere to have her hurt. Never.” Valerie says, in hindsight, she knows now that’s why Alyssa was acting out as a teenager.

“I assume you’ve filed charges against this man,” Dr. Phil says to Valerie.

“Well, I can’t because she’s an adult,” she says.

“She wasn’t when it started. She was 4 years old. You haven’t gotten her to a therapist? You haven’t gone to the police?” he asks. 

“No sir.”

“So, basically, she reports being raped and molested for 13 of the last 15 years, and nobody has ever really done anything about it,” Dr. Phil says.

“We honestly did not know,” Valerie says.

Alyssa’s alleged abuser denies the accusations. Was Alyssa abused by a family member, or could she be lying? Alyssa takes a polygraph test.

“Did the family member ever have sexual contact with you?”

“What she needs is somebody to believe in her. Not just somebody — she needs you.”

Dr. Phil tells Alyssa, “I, for one, think you should prosecute him. I think you should put him in jail. I think he should be a registered sex offender for the rest of his life because I guarantee you, if he’s doing it to you, he’s doing it to somebody else.”

Dr. Phil offers Alyssa very specialized help to aid her in healing. “You deserve this, and your baby deserves this.” She accepts. He also offers resources to help Valerie and Greg know how to best help their daughter navigate this trauma.

Model Dad vs. "Marijuana Mom"

Model and actor Antonio Sabato Jr. is starting a campaign for new laws restricting the growth and distribution of medical marijuana in homes with children under 18. “One of the biggest issues right now in the United States is medical marijuana, and I want to try to keep as many kids away from it as possible,” he says. Antonio says his ex-girlfriend, whom his 11-year-old daughter lives with, had a legal marijuana business with more than 60 marijuana plants in her garage. "My ex told my daughter that ‘This was for the good people and not the bad people,’ and ‘This was the good drugs versus the bad drugs.’ For my child, it was confusing. My daughter knew about drugs — we teach them in school, and we teach them that drugs are bad for you. So all of a sudden the drug is good for you? So how do you make a difference between the two? Children shouldn’t be exposed to marijuana or a business that sells marijuana. There should definitely be a law that bans parents from selling marijuana with children under the age of 18 years old. It’s my belief, and I’m going to keep fighting for it.”

He sits down with Dr. Phil and Cheryl Shuman, executive director of Beverly Hills Cannabis Club, also known as the “Martha Stewart of Marijuana.” 

Antonio and Cheryl debate their different points of view on this controversial subject.

In a national poll, Dr. Phil asked: Should parents with kids under 18 be banned from being able to legally grow and distribute medical marijuana? Sixty-one percent responded “yes” and 39 percent responded “no.”

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