Cindy says her husband of 15 years, Mike, relentlessly accuses her of cheating and claims his unfounded mistrust has escalated to verbal abuse. She says Mike will stop at nothing to catch her in the act, including hiring a private investigator, recording her phone calls and hiding cameras in the house. She says he has even faked suicide in an attempt to manipulate her to confess — in front of their 12-year-old son. Cindy is adamant that she's never strayed but says to avoid the endless harassment, she moved out. Now, she says Mike is turning their son against her. Mike says his investigation began two-and-a-half years ago, when he caught his wife in a lie and became convinced that she cheated. What does he say happened? And, Mike says his wife passed a polygraph test to prove she’s not lying about being faithful — so, why does he still not believe her? Plus, Dr. Phil takes a look at Mike’s "evidence" against Cindy — are his suspicions valid? This program contains strong language and sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

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Rage Caught on Tape

Cindy explains how her husband’s anger has scared her. And, Dr. Phil reacts to the rage caught on home video.

Mike tells Dr. Phil that he wants his wife back, but he also wants the truth about her alleged infidelity.

Dr. Phil goes over his questionable behavior, which includes calling his wife vile names.

Cindy says, “It destroys me when he calls me all these names, the person that I love, over something that didn’t even happen.”

“These are words of anger,” Mike says. “I know I’m supposed to control my own actions. I’m the man here — ”

“Well, be big enough to own it,” Dr. Phil says. “Anger didn’t say that — Mike said that.”

When asked why he calls his wife a “slut” and a “whore,” Mike says, “Because it was happening. I had an STD.” Mike claims he had chlamydia. He says he went to a doctor and got treated.

Dr. Phil points out that according to the doctor’s note Mike gave the producers, he didn’t have chlamydia. He reads the note: “‘He claims wife is sleeping with multiple partners. He claims he has an STD. He has no rash or lesions ... He preferred not to do DNA testing due to expense. He was treated preventatively.’”

“That’s a lie,” Mike claims.

Cindy says she went to the same doctor two days later, had the testing done and the results came back negative for any sexually transmitted diseases.

Dr. Phil tells Mike that his wife never gave him an STD, but Mike maintains his wife manipulated the doctor somehow.

“You’re starting to make me think you’re losing touch with reality.”

Relentless Accusations

Cindy says Mike made her take a polygraph test, and even though her results indicated no deception, he’s not convinced.

Does Mike notice a pattern to his behavior?

The White Lie That Started It All

Cindy says two-and-a-half years ago, she lied to her husband about something inconsequential, and ever since, his distrust of her has grown, and he now spies on her.

“Once, he caught you reading a bible ... You harlot!”

Cindy explains that she’s known her husband since she was 13. She says in the beginning of their relationship, when she was 18 and before they were married, she did cheat on him once. Mike grows angry and accuses his wife of blaming him for why she cheated all those years ago. 

Cindy explains that Mike has faked suicide to get her to confess — in front of their son. “What the hell were you thinking?”

Parental Alienation?

Mike admits he involves their son in their adult issues but says he hasn’t alienated the boy against his mother. Dr. Phil isn’t buying it. He plays an audio recording of Mike talking with his son about Cindy cheating. 

“If there is person in this audience who believes that was an appropriate exchange between a father and son, then somewhere a village is missing their idiot.”

“Mike, your conduct with your son is nothing short of abusive,” Dr. Phil tells him. “It’s inappropriate, manipulative, alienating of his mother, and it needs to stop.”

“It’s going to stop,” Mike says.

Dr. Phil warns him that he’s a mandated reporter who has to report if he sees a child in danger. He tells him that if he doesn’t change his ways, he’s going to have a problem getting access to his son. Further, he says, “As a father allowing his son to speak to his mother that way and in that tone is negligence.”

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