The honeymoon is over! Dr. Phil talks with newlyweds about their troubles, and he and Robin share some stories of how they make their marriage work.

A Neglected Wife?
Ande resents that her husband spends so much time on the golf course. She says she doesn't feel like a priority.

Does Ande's husband play too much golf?

Update: How are Ande and Bob doing? 


Too Many Cats?
Sandi says she can't stand her husband Rob's cats. Will he have to choose between his wife and his pets?


What's the real issue?

Update: Did Rob give up his cats?
Financial Woes
Liz and Robert are clashing over money. Should the breadwinner make all the money decisions in a marriage?


View Dr. Phil's advice to the couple.

How did Dr. Phil and Robin survive their first year of marriage?



Robin shares her words of wisdom for newlyweds.