On the night of July 7, 2013, Anna Benson, former star of the reality TV show Baseball Wives and dubbed “baseball’s hottest and most-infamous wife,” showed up at the home of her estranged husband, former New York Mets pitcher Kris Benson, armed with two batons, a gun, a knife and a hatchet — and wearing a bulletproof vest and an ammo belt. According to police reports, Kris said that Anna, with whom he was going through a contentious divorce, pulled a gun on him, smashed his computer and demanded he give her $30,000. In a Dr. Phil exclusive, Anna speaks out for the first time about that night. How does she explain her actions? Anna is adamant that she never planned to hurt Kris — so why does she say she was she so heavily armed?

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From Cover Girl to Convict

Anna Benson met her husband, former New York Mets star pitcher Kris Benson, in 1998, when she was working as an exotic dancer in Atlanta, and the couple married a year later. With her stunning good looks and outspoken personality, Anna took the world of baseball by storm. From modeling nearly naked — only covered in baseballs — to vowing that she would sleep with the entire Mets team if her husband ever cheated on her, Anna has never failed to shock.

In 2012, Anna and Kris separated, and Kris filed for divorce. On the night of July 7, 2013, Kris says Anna showed up at his home, heavily armed and demanded $30,000. Anna was charged with two counts of felony aggravated assault with a weapon and criminal trespass. Anna later pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during commission of a felony and spent four months behind bars. Days after her release from jail, Anna sat down with Dr. Phil to tell her side of the story for the very first time.

“Are you now a convicted felon?” Dr. Phil asks Anna.

“Yes,” she replies, but adds, “I’m not guilty of what they accused me of.”

Anna describes the night of the incident. “That day, I was very, very frightened.”

Anna says she sometimes walked around her house wearing a bulletproof vest. “I was having someone threatening my life, and so I was ready,” Anna says. “If the threat level was high, and if I was getting a lot of activity on my computer and different emails, or texts or threats, or if I saw his car coming by the house — because I had cameras set up — then I would wear my vest.”

On the night she went to Kris' house, Anna admits that she used an extendable baton to break Kris’ computer monitor. “And I’d do it again,” she says, smiling. She says that Kris had probably 11 or 12 phones, five or six iPads and two or three computers. “When I saw it, I was very enraged,” she says. “I said to him, ‘We’re going to smash all of these electronics and throw them in the trash, and he told me, ‘No,’ to my face, and so I just smashed the computer. In light of everything that he’s done, I feel like me losing my temper and whacking his computer is very small in comparison. I did not point a gun at him. I did not swing a baton at him — I would never hurt that man. I love that man.”

Dr. Phil plays part of Kris’ 911 call from the night, and Anna responds. “He doesn’t sound very afraid to me,” she says. “I was actually lying on the bed, thinking he was going to come back upstairs — or wherever he was — and we were going to have sex." She says the conversation before the call was amicable. She says she asked him for a $30,000 advancement on her settlement money, and she claims he agreed and went to get the checkbook. “He left the room, and I was just lying there, waiting for him to come back, and he didn’t come back.” She says that she went to look for a lighter on the back deck, and when she got there, the police were there.

Anna admits that she was shocked that Kris called the police but not surprised. “He’s very unscrupulous. He’s a complete and utter liar,” she says. “I never understood what was wrong with him, until he left me, until I happened to stumble across a website that talks about psychopaths, and he fit all 13 symptoms; and so that is something notorious that they would do, is to set you up on something like that.”

Dr. Phil asks Anna, “Were you wearing the bulletproof vest because you were on your way to a gun show, or were you wearing the bulletproof vest because you were afraid somebody was going to shoot you?”

“Both,” Anna replies. “I would go to bed with that vest on — which was extremely uncomfortable — because I was threatened with home invasion … I knew, and I was told I was going to be killed.” Anna explains that she went to the police on numerous occasions and told them she feared for her life, but she says they always told her there was nothing they could do because they said they couldn't locate the perpetrator.

“He had no reason to be afraid of you when you were at his house?” Dr. Phil asks.

“We've been married 15 years. He knows his wife. He knows I wasn’t going to hurt him. I don’t have that in my heart. I’ve never hurt anybody in my life,” Anna says, fighting back tears.

Dr. Phil plays part of a secret recording that Kris took the night of the incident. “I wish I would have whacked him one time,” Anna says.

A Troubled Past

Dr. Phil confronts Anna about her troubled past, including dropping out of school, leaving home at 16 and a 1996 murder charge — which was eventually dropped.

“It was the single most traumatic experience

of my life.”

Dr. Phil asks Anna about her comment that if Kris ever cheated on her, she would sleep with the entire Mets baseball team.

“It was very funny, wasn’t it?” Anna replies. “I’m actually a television entertainer, so me saying something like that is very tongue-in-cheek.”

Dr. Phil points out that in 2006, shortly after she made that comment, an article in The New York Times stated, “Kris Benson doesn’t have a good enough arm for the Mets to overlook his wife’s mouth.”

“I made it fun, and I gave baseball a totally different look. I’m the most famous wife in sports history since Marilyn Monroe,” Anna says. “Some reporters or some people want to judge me on those things, yet they can’t stop watching.”

Dr. Phil asks Anna about the divorce petition she filed shortly after The New York Times article was written.

“That’s when I caught him with another woman, and he begged me back,” she says, acknowledging that she rescinded the petition. “I believed that it was just her, and that she had come on to him, and I believed him when he said he loved me, and he had just messed up and that everybody deserves a second chance. I just wanted my family to stay together.”

Kris Benson acknowledges that while he and Anna were married, he had an affair. He says that he and Anna briefly separated but quickly reconciled and remained together for the next seven years.

Terrified for Her Life

Anna tells Dr. Phil that she had a bodyguard who she believes was an undercover agent on a secret mission to protect her. She says she couldn’t afford to pay him to be around all the time, but she believes he worked for her because he cared about her. “He was some form of police enforcement. He swept my room for bugs and all kinds of stuff,” she says. “And, he knew everything that I was telling him, and he came in and was telling me he had personality profiled [Kris and I], and he told me things about Kris that made me shiver.”

"I know if the police don’t keep their eyes on me or keep me watched, they’re going to kill me.”


One of Anna’s daughters says her mother was diagnosed as bipolar 11 years ago. Does Anna believe she has a mental illness? And, Dr. Phil confronts Anna about her reported drug use.

“I’m not bipolar on a regular basis.”

Dr. Phil mentions that Anna's daughter also said Anna used to peek through her blinds with an assault rifle, in case someone came after her. Anna denies that, saying she didn't need to, because she had cameras on her house. But, she admits that she slept with guns. “I believed that they were going to kill me,” she says.

“If that's the case, why aren’t you dead?” Dr. Phil asks.

“Because I’m a badass bitch,” she says. “Because I know a lot about defense. I can handle a weapon; and if you want to take me out, you better be on your damn game, perched up on a mountain with a really long rifle — preferably a 50 caliber — and you better know how to use it.”

A New Future

Dr. Phil tells Anna he’s committed to helping her get her life back on track. Will she accept the help?

“Your capacity for insight — your ability to step out of your situation and kind of look at it the way another person would look at it — is not very good.”

Dr. Phil offers to send Anna to Origins Recovery Center in Texas to help get her life back on track. She accepts the offer.

Dr. Phil show reached out to Kris Benson for comment about the allegations Anna makes about him during her interview, and his attorney responded on his behalf: Mr. Benson categorically denies all of the allegations, and his attorney expressed that Kris’ priority is the welfare of their children. The Dr. Phil show welcomes Kris to appear on the show at any time to tell his side of the story.