Struggling with mood swings, food cravings or other symptoms associated with PMS or menopause? Dr. Phil, his wife Robin and a panel of medical experts explain how you can stop suffering needlessly and bring hormonal balance into your life.

PMS and Early Menopause
As a woman who's conquered menopause and looks and feels better now than at any other phase of her life, Robin McGraw's passion is to reach out to younger women who may be suffering needlessly. She recently sat down with a few who have some struggles of their own.

View their stories and Robin's advice.


Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde
Shari admits that during PMS, she becomes a different person and lashes out at her husband, going so far as suggesting that he "find someone else" who doesn't have PMS. Diet and exercise haven't helped ease her symptoms, so she asks Dr. Phil for help.

Dr. Phil on allowing your partner to retreat. 


Sex After Menopause
Tina hopes that a hysterectomy will end the excruciating pain she has been experiencing from ovarian cysts. Her husband Kevin has reservations and fears it could spell the end of their sex life, while Tina feels the decision is hers alone to make.

Dr. Phil and Robin weigh in.  


Robin's Experience
Through extensive research and with the help of a compounding pharmacist, Robin found natural ways to battle menopausal symptoms and turned the "change of life" into a positive experience.



Learn what worked for Robin.

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