Carmen says she recently discovered that her husband of 10 years, Dennis, has been cheating on her with multiple women he met online — and nearly emptied their life savings to fund his affairs. How does he explain his actions? And, Dr. Phil has a big surprise for Jacob and Lucy, whose 18-month-old son, Izaiah, was struck by a teenage drunk driver and left partially paralyzed and brain damaged. This program contains sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

A Husband’s Betrayal

Carmen says she was shocked a few months ago, when she discovered that, for most of her 10-year marriage, her husband, Dennis, had been cheating on her with at least 15 women he met online. “I discovered an email on my husband’s cell phone that turned my whole world upside down,” she says. “That email read, ‘Here’s my telephone number. I need to arrange a time to speak with you,’ and the reply to that email said, ‘OK. I can’t wait, Baby.’” She says she began investigating, found Dennis’ user name and password and then “discovered Pandora’s box,” which included videos of her husband having sex with women — who were unaware that they were being filmed.

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Dennis admits he spent up to 20 hours a day online, looking for sex and chatting with women. “Craigslist was what I used almost every single time,” he says, adding that he believes he’s a sex addict. “My addiction took over everything in my life.”

“So, the devil made you do this,” Dr. Phil says sarcastically. And, why did Dennis pretend to be a retired sheriff and a pimp to lure women?

Financial Problems

Carmen says her husband has put their family in financial ruin. She says he cashed in $15,000 of their 401K savings and emptied stocks, bonds and savings accounts. “Anything that we had saved for our future, over the years, was gone,” she says. “He was spending about $1,400 a month on sex.”

She also says Dennis claimed to have a job as a bouncer. “He would get home at two, three, four o’clock in the morning; I didn’t think anything about it,” she says, adding that Dennis would leave a stack of money on the dresser that she thought he had earned at his bouncer job — but in reality, he was taking the money out of their savings. She says he also claimed to have lost his job, but he really quit. “My poor daughter actually suggested that she would stretch her lunch money out to last an extra day or two of the week,” she says, adding that their family stepped in to help. “My sister was sending us gift cards. Our home went into foreclosure before I even learned that he had filed for bankruptcy.”

Dennis says he spoke with an attorney, who suggested filing for bankruptcy to delay the foreclosure process, and as a result, they were able to keep their house.

Carmen says she even called a family meeting to discuss their financial problems and figure out how they could save money — which is when their daughter offered to stretch out her lunch money.

Dr. Phil turns to Dennis and says, “Were you sitting there, thinking, ‘Maybe I could zip up my pants?’”

“Yeah,” Dennis replies.

“I’m trying to see if there’s any flicker of remorse here … and I don’t see it,” Dr. Phil tells Dennis.

Carmen’s sister, Christina, and brother-in-law, Jeffrey, weigh in on the situation. “It’s not a matter of if he’s going to cheat again, it’s when.”

Dr. Phil sends international Christian evangelist and author Paula White, who counsels couples in crisis, to Carmen and Dennis’ home. What does she uncover?

Hear from Carmen and Dennis’ daughter, who says she overheard her parents arguing about the affairs. And, Paula reveals what she uncovered about the teen that she says troubles her.

Onstage, Paula says that Carmen confessed to her that she’s willing to do anything — even bring other people into the relationship — to receive sexual attraction from her husband. “I think Carmen has got to get her head out of the sand,” Paula says. “For her daughter, she’s got to get those boundaries in place.”

Dr. Phil tells Carmen that Dennis possesses the Evil 8 characteristics of BAITERs, as mentioned in his book, Life Code: The New Rules for Winning in the Real World.

Dennis admits that "almost all" of the eight traits can be attributed to him.

Dr. Phil tells Dennis, “Your thinking is not logical, it’s not rational, and you need professional help with this.”

He turns to Carmen and says, “Unless and until he does what I’m saying he needs to do, which is get serious, specialized, professional help for psychopathic, sociopathic, anti-social personality-type behaviors, then you need to stay the hell away from him.” He continues, “You should have an undivided loyalty to your daughter. You need to show her strength. You need to show her dignity. You need to show her how to walk through this.” He offers to provide the couple with professional help — separately for now — and says he will provide their daughter with counseling as well. Both accept.

A Baby Paralyzed

Jacob and Lucy say in 2010, their 18-month-old son, Izaiah, was struck by a 17-year-old drunk driver, while Lucy’s father pushed him to the park in a stroller, leaving him partially paralyzed and brain damaged. “My son, Izaiah, was nearly killed; he was internally decapitated,” Jacob says. “The doctors told us that most kids [with Izaiah’s injuries] don’t even make it.”

The young parents describe what life has been like since their son’s accident.

Jacob and Lucy speak to the driver, via phone, for the first time. Will his words offer comfort?

Tune in to see what big surprise Dr. Phil has in store for Jacob and Lucy!

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