Dr. Phil talks to families in conflict over interracial relationships.

An Interracial Marriage
Allison's uncle, Bryant, has cut himself off from her and the rest of the family, saying that Allison crossed the line when she married a Mexican. Bryant doesn't believe in interracial marriage and has let it be known that he won't attend any family functions if Allison's husband is in attendance.

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A Daughter's Secret
Teddi says she would be embarrassed if her daughters married outside of their race, but insists she isn't a racist. Her 21-year-old daughter Brooke tells Dr. Phil she is upset about her mother's viewpoint and has something she'd like to reveal.

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Two Races, No Identity
Allison, whose mother is white and father is black, says she feels torn apart inside because she can't identify with either race. "My dad's family rejected me because I was white," explains Allison. She also says she didn't receive acceptance growing up in a white community, which left her feeling "like an alien."

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