Minny claims that after her “troubled” son, Andrue, tried to commit suicide in 2012, his biological father, David, kidnapped him from the hospital and then "brainwashed" him against her — allegations David denies. Andrue  reveals why he made the desperate decision to shoot himself. How does Minny respond? Plus, Minny is now suing David and his wife, along with the hospital and several other parties in connection with her claims that David kidnapped Andrue. Does Andrue want to have a relationship with his mother? And, is she willing to reconsider her lawsuits — for the sake of Andrue's happiness?

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"I Did It to Escape"

Andrue claims that he suffered mental and physical abuse growing up, including daily beatings by his stepfather, Lon — allegations that Minny and Lon both adamantly deny. He says that one night in November 2012, he made the desperate decision to shoot himself with one of the family handguns. "I did it because of you and the house I was in," Andrue tells Minny. "I tried to move out earlier and get a job, and you told me I couldn't. You said that if I wanted to work, I could work at the house," he claims.  Andrue continues, "I did it to escape your household — the things you did to me. My whole life, you never listened to me — not a word I said."

"I'm sorry for not listening to you," Minny responds. "I agree with that." But she insists, "We didn't say you couldn't get a job. We wanted you to focus on graduating first. You had friends that were smoking pot ... We didn't want you to smoke with your friends."

"I smoked and drank alcohol to cope with you," Andrue responds.

Dr. Phil questions Minny about some emails and tweets to David. "I did drink during this time. I was very depressed," she explains.

Dr. Phil reads a post on Minny's blog from December 2012, which says, "My son was recently kidnapped by his sperm donor ... I’ve got to do some major damage to the * on Minny’s *list. I want to totally tear this guy’s life apart. I want to drive 1,000 miles, stalk him, find out what he values most in life and rip it to shreds." He then reads from a second post, from January 2013, in which Minny says, “Vengeance sends me the murderous ideas that consume me. I think I just might hire someone to snuff the *, and then I go back to bed.”

"You don’t understand; I have been mentally tortured," Minny responds, tearfully. "Every night, I hear the gunshot going off in my head. I hear it! Do you not understand the pain?" she says to Andrue. "I am your mother, and I love you, and [David] has put these things in your head."

"You made me do it, Mom," he replies. "Living with you led me to it — the way you treated me ... "

"Lon was cradling you in his arms," Minny says. "We love you."

"It's so fake," Andrue replies. "It's all a lie. Lon came in, and he was yelling — saying that I destroyed my mother's life. I was saying, 'I'm sorry! I'm sorry!' I just kept saying that over and over again."

"You were not," Minny says, shaking her head.

"If He's Happy, I'm Happy"

"I have to ask one question," Dr. Phil says to Andrue. "How are you doing now?"

"I'm doing all of the things my mother said I never would ... I don't have any of the problems they told me I had my whole life."

"If he’s happy, then I’m happy," Minny insists. "I just wanted the bullet removed — the bullet and the shrapnel — and I want to make sure he's medically sound," she says. "But if he's happy, then as a mother, I'm happy, too. Since he told me he wants to move on, I have not bothered them."

"You're suing everybody with a mailing address," Dr. Phil responds."Hell, you're suing the hospital and Humbodlt County. And, I'm not saying that they didn't do things wrong, and if they did, they should be held to account, but that's separate from this," he says.

"I'm not hounding my son; I'm not calling," Minny insists. "I have let go. I have let go."

"I don't want to hurt you, but you have to leave us alone," Andrue tells Minny. Plus, Dr. Phil makes a promise to the teen.

"He seems to be doing really well, and I think the best thing that could happen for your son and your family is to stop this litigious pursuit."

"Make no mistake: If you are attacking the family he's living with, you are attacking him." How does Minny respond?

"When I did depositions, the bullet was still in there," Minny says, again insisting that she has concerns about Andrue's physical health. "Now he's on national TV, saying that they removed it. Do you have proof that they removed the bullet and the fragments? I've always been worried about the bullet still being in there."

"We had it taken out," Andrue responds. "I have two fragments under my arm. They’re not bothering me whatsoever."

Dr. Phil asks Andrue to share the medical records with him, and Andrue agrees. "At this point, he's an adult," Dr. Phil stresses, turning to Minny. "I just want you to know that if you're attacking the family he's living with, legally or otherwise, you're attacking him, and that will be to his detriment. It will disrupt his peace of mind." He continues, "If you feel like you need to do it, then by all means, do it. But know that in my professional opinion, you're doing it at the cost of your son's peace and happiness."

"I want him to be medically OK, and then I will be able to drop the lawsuit against his new family," Minny says.

Dr. Phil offers to make arrangements for Andrue to have a full, independent medical evaluation. "I'll share that report with you and Lon, as well as David, and then you'll be all set," he says, and Minny agrees.

Dr. Phil talks one-on-one with Andrue: “Tell me what’s in your future. Where are you headed?”

"I feel very calm," Andrue tells Dr. Phil. "The only thing that's stressful is my mom suing the family I'm living with."

"I think she’s really moving in a direction of stopping that. I think she acknowledges that you’re happy and doing well now," Dr. Phil says. "I think there’s a box she wants to check off in her mind that medically, nothing has been left unattended, and so I'm going to ask you to see a doctor, and then you check off that box and move forward." He adds, "I hope you give yourself permission to do that. If you have a history with these folks that has been painful to you, I hope you find it in your heart to forgive that. If you can do that, it sets you free."

Dr. Phil tells Andrue that if he ever needs anything going forward, he can pick up the phone and call him.

"I appreciate that very much," Andrue says.

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