These guests came to Dr. Phil for advice and left with important work to do. Now they're back. Find out who's making up and who's breaking up.


Julia and Luis
Julia nominated Luis the "Worst Spouse in America" because of his affairs and partying. Luis promised to read Relationship Rescue. You won't believe what he did instead.


See how this family is doing today.

Shakira and Vielka
On "Double Trouble," these identical twins revealed that their constant fighting often got physical. They left the show vowing to stop fighting and begin focusing on their friendship.


Did they keep their promise? 

Todd and Gina
On "Cheaters," Todd admitted to having an affair while his wife Gina said that she couldn't get past it. On the verge of divorce, the couple promised to work on rebuilding trust in their marriage.


Find out if Todd and Gina are still together. 

Billy and Tracy
Fighting about anything and everything, Billy and Tracy appeared on "Couple Wars." Tracy now claims they have stopped fighting! She says she takes a breath before speaking, has date nights with Billy every Friday to discuss problems, and that their daughter no longer wets the bed because they've stopped fighting in front of the kids.  
Lillian and Mauricio

On "For Better or Worse," Lillian revealed that when she suspected her husband cheated, she spent $25,000 as revenge. The betrayal led Mauricio to consider divorce. Dr. Phil told Lillian it didn't matter why she was being destructive, she needed to stop.

Did Lillian take Dr. Phil's advice?