Dr. Phil takes a closer look at the problems afflicting this family in conflict. He analyzes the results of Martin and Erin's homework assignment and urges them to confront the uncertain future of their marriage. He also helps the family deal with their conflicting opinions on whether or not 15-year-old Alexandra should keep her baby.
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A Future Together?
Dr. Phil sequesters Marty and Erin's teenage daughters, Alexandra and Katherine, so he can speak to the couple intimately about the challenges facing their marriage.
Can their relationship be saved?

Mother and Daughter at Odds
Erin wants Alexandra to place her baby for adoption, but Alexandra wants to keep her child. "I have to keep reminding myself that it's her baby ... and she has to take most of the responsibility," Erin says.

Can they agree on the baby's future? 

Katherine's Turn
Sick of being second best, Katherine voices her opinion on her big sister's decision to keep the baby, and tells Dr. Phil how she really feels about her relationship with her mother and father.


What does Katherine think?

One-on-One with Alexandra
Believing that Alexandra has not given serious consideration to her baby's future, Dr. Phil gives the 15-year-old a piece of his mind.


Alexandra hears from Dr. Phil.