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          Fighting Fiancés: Ready for the Altar or Running for the Hills?

          July 02, 2014

          Sheryl says she moved her life to New York to be with her fiancé, Owen — and later called off the wedding, because they constantly argued about money. Owen says his family calls Sheryl a “gold digger,” but he still wants to marry her. Should they proceed to the altar or alter their plans? Plus, Jacob and Lucy return with an update on their son, Izaiah — and receive yet another surprise from Dr. Phil.

          Blinded by Love?

          Sheryl says it was love at first sight when she first met her optometrist fiancé, Owen, in 2010 — but the real eye opener came two years later, when she gave up her waterfront condo in Florida and moved to New York to live with him and his three children in “a shoebox of an apartment.” She claims that Owen, who makes six figures, refused to give her any spending money and treated her like the nanny and housekeeper — all while she slept on a futon in the living room. I was under the impression that, when I moved to New York, we were going to find a bigger place,” she says. “It didn’t happen.” After one year in New York, she says she moved back to Florida — and is currently staying in a “not desirable neighborhood,” until she gets back on her feet. “I gave up everything to be with Owen, and now, I have nothing,” she says.

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          Owen says the fighting started as soon as Sheryl arrived in New York, and now, their relationship is rocky. He also says Sheryl was having financial problems at the time of her move and was at risk of losing her condo, so it was a “no-brainer” decision for her to relocate to New York. “Sheryl did start to become resentful, because of the fact that I, financially, couldn’t give her the things that she wanted,” he says. “Before she moved, no promises were made. I love this woman like no other, and many times, I feel like no matter what I do, it’s just not good enough.” Owen insists that he never promised Sheryl a bigger place as soon as she moved to New York. “I said, ‘Eventually, we will get a bigger place,’” he says.

          Sheryl says when she lived with Owen, he didn’t give her any spending money. “I didn’t even have winter shoes,” she says. “He didn’t even buy me a pair of boots.”

          Owen says after Sheryl kept asking him for more and more money, he gave her a job at his optometry office and paid her $300 a week. “It just, still, wasn’t enough,” he says.

          “That’s not even minimum wage. What am I supposed to do with that?” she responds. “I asked Owen for $50, for me to go to the doctor. You would’ve thought I just asked this guy to finance a car.”

          Why didn’t Owen move to Florida?

          Wedding Plans on Hold?

          Sheryl says she and Owen had agreed to have their wedding in Florida in November. “We were going to have a beach wedding,” she says, adding that the planning process had already begun.

          “I said, ‘OK. You want the big wedding. Let’s do it,’” Owen says, followed by, “I said, ‘Hon, how are we funding this?’ She said, ‘It’s on you.’” He claims he tried to give Sheryl a budget of $5,000 to $7,000, but she wanted $15,000 — and stopped planning the wedding.

          Dr. Phil asks Sheryl why she’s still wearing her engagement ring, and she responds, “Because he asked me to put it back on, in February.”

          “It looks like he did a pretty nice job,” Dr. Phil says.

          “Yes, he did,” Sheryl says. “That was the only thing he spent money on.”

          Did Sheryl steal Owen’s money and car?

          “Are you resenting the fact that she’s costing you money?”

          Parenting Problems

          Sheryl says when she first got to New York, Owen’s three children, ages 7, 8 and 11, treated her badly — especially his youngest son. She says when the boy was 6, he hit her with a closed fist, called her every name in the book and once told her, “I’m going to bring the wrath on you,” and then threw a remote, breaking their flat screen television. “Owen did not punish his son, and instead, he blamed me,” she says.

          Owen admits that his youngest son and Sheryl’s relationship in the beginning was “contentious,” and says his son was suffering from emotional issues. When asked if he gave his son consequences for bad behavior, Owen responds, “Of course!”

          “He always had an excuse for it,” Sheryl responds.

          “Is he hitting her, and spitting on her, and calling her names, to your knowledge?” Dr. Phil asks Owen.

          Owen says he reprimanded his son after the confrontation with Sheryl that ended with a broken TV. He says Sheryl got upset after he replaced the TV a week later. “I bought another TV, yeah, that’s fine. I mean, that’s my prerogative, isn’t it?” he responds.

          “So, you’re rewarding him with a new TV, after he broke the TV,” Sheryl interjects.

          “When I brought the TV into the house I told him, ‘That’s my TV. Don’t break it again. You can’t watch it.’ So, I continued with her punishment,” Owen responds. “He was on punishment for, I think, two months.”

          Should Sheryl and Owen get married? Dr. Phil weighs in.

          Baby Izaiah: Update

          It has been three months since Jacob and Lucy shared their story with Dr. Phil, including their financial struggles since their son, Izaiah, was struck by a teenage drunk driver and left partially paralyzed. Dr. Phil presented the couple with a second family car — a 2014 Acura ILX Hybrid — and set up Izaiah’s Fund to help with their son’s medical care. The family returns with an update.

          How is Izaiah doing now?

          See what surprise Dr. Phil has in store for the couple this time around!

          Phil in the Blanks – The Podcast

          Izaiah's Fund

          • If you would like to make a donation to help Izaiah’s family, click here.

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