Are these guests ready to tie the knot? Are you? If you're thinking about saying "I do," Dr. Phil has some questions you should consider.



Meet the Couples
Marriage is a lot of work! Dr. Phil helps these very different engaged couples start working on their marriages by asking them some hard questions.


See if they're ready to tie the knot.



Dr. Phil's Advice
Is your relationship strong enough to make a lasting marriage? Before you take the plunge " or even if you already have " ask yourself these questions.


Are you ready for marriage?

Does Size Matter?
"Jo-Ann" is engaged to a man who she says "is not as well endowed as I would like." She asks Dr. Phil: Does size matter?
"My dad used to say, it's not how deep you plow, it's how long you stay in the field!" jokes Dr. Phil. "In all seriousness," he says, "if this is a big issue to you, then it would suggest to me that there are other problems."