Monika says she's mastered Key #1, right thinking, so she wears a gold key around her neck. But Kim doesn't think Monika has earned it.

Dr. Phil steps in.



After four years without seeing her mother, Angela confronts her. Did she know that Angela was being sexually abused by her father?

See what happens. 



AnnMarie is working hard to master Key #2: healing feelings. She's kept the secret of being date raped twice from her father for 13 years.



AnnMarie reveals her past.   





To succeed in the Weight Loss Challenge, Barbara needs to heal the pain of losing her sisters in a car accident 18 years ago.


Barbara begins to heal.



Key three is creating a no-fail environment. But Judith, who lives with her twin sister, longs for her beloved Doritos.




Are Doritos banished?

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