Barbie says her boyfriend, Travis, constantly accuses her of cheating and stealing money, which she denies. What proof does Travis say he has to support his claims? Barbie agrees to take a polygraph to prove her innocence — what will the results reveal? Then, Robin McGraw shares the stories of three women who have overcome personal struggles, including the loss of a child and spousal abuse. What message do they have for Barbie? This program contains strong language and sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

Missing Money?

Barbie says for the past 13 years, her boyfriend, Travis, has made her life a living hell with his constant false and "paranoid" accusations. She says that Travis believes that she has stolen almost $90,000 from him and his business. She says Travis has also accused her of trying to buy another house, trying to open a competing business and buying — and then hiding — hundreds of dollars of designer clothing.

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Travis insists, "I don’t trust Barbie when it comes to money. I think Barbie has stolen a lot of money from me — tens of thousands." He says he's 100 percent committed to proving that Barbie is a liar — and claims that he has phone records, receipts and files of proof. "One time, I found a $10,000 receipt from my check to her account," Travis claims. "I never gave Barbie authority to do anything like that."

Barbie responds, "I didn’t even have a bank account. Only he had an account." She continues, "Travis has accused me of taking $30,000 from cashiers checks he had in the closet. He’s accused me of taking his paperwork, snooping in his stuff. I get to the point where I’m scared to death to touch anything.”

Dr. Phil reviews a list of Travis' allegations against Barbie — and looks at his files of "proof."

Dr. Phil says to Travis, "If you believe all of this, and you are so angry about it, as you obviously are, why are you still with her? You'd be better off than someone who's stealing from you, sabotaging your business, hiding clothes from you." Dr. Phil turns to Barbie and says, "You said, ''This is a living hell. I am miserable, frustrated, depressed and lonely.'" He asks, "Why are you still here? Seriously, life's pretty short."

Cheating Barbie?

In addition to his allegations of theft, Barbie says Travis is also convinced that she has cheated with numerous men over the years — and even thinks she currently has a boyfriend. "Travis controls everything. He checks my phone, digs through my purse," Barbie says, adding that his accusations often lead to fights. "I’m called a 'stupid bitch,'" Barbie says. "I’ve thrown [soda] pops at him. I’ve busted a lamp."

"I think Barbie’s always been promiscuous. That’s just in her jeans," Travis says. "I've called her a 'stupid bitch,'" he says, admitting that their arguments get heated. "She'll throw coffee cups at me." He continues, "When I'm pissed at Barbie, I call her '99,' because she's only 99 percent truthful."

"He blames me for everything that has gone wrong in his life," Barbie says, explaining that Travis' treatment of her has taken a toll on her self-esteem. "Travis is a name-caller," she claims. "Travis will call me a 'loose, fat whore.' Travis calls me 'big momma' all the time [and] 'fat cow.'" Barbie says, tearfully, "I can take so much, and then I start to cry. I cannot continue to live this way. It's killing me."

Find out what Travis has done that could be fueling his suspicions of Barbie.

Dr. Phil has some stern words for Travis: "You're not going to bully me like you do her ... Seriously, who the hell do you think you are?"

Dr. Phil explains that the couple has been arguing about Barbie taking a polygraph for the past 10 years. He says to Barbie, "The question I had for him was: If it were to turn out that you were cheating and stealing, what would he do? And, if it turned out you weren't, what would he do? The answer to that was he's going to have to examine himself and say, 'Wow, I have a lot of paranoid delusion and issues with trust." Dr. Phil continues, "You're going to have to answer the question: What's wrong with you that this is what you're willing to settle for?"

Dr. Phil offers Barbie a chance to take a polygraph. He introduces former FBI polygraph examiner Jack Trimarco and sends Barbie backstage with him for the exam.

Stories of 'Revelation'

"The show gets thousands of letters from women just like Barbie," Dr. Phil says. He explains that his next guests are three of those women, who wrote in seeking advice from his wife, Robin. She was touched by their stories and selected them to be among the first to try her new skin care line, Robin McGraw Revelation.

Elizabeth, 43, says as a survivor of domestic violence, she feels a strong connection to the work Robin does through her foundation, When Georgia Smiled. She says she wrote in for help with self-esteem issues stemming from her years-long struggle with cystic acne. "My 19-year-old daughter told me that her father divorced me because I had pimples on my face," she confides. Elizabeth says since she's been using Revelation, her skin has improved — and her confidence has soared. "I’m not only beautiful on the outside, but I’m also a beautiful person on the inside," she says.

Lesley, also 43, says she's the quintessential over-scheduled mom, who rarely has time to take care of herself. "There are children that need my attention, a husband and a house. I’m a full-time business manager," she says. "It’s just go, go, go." She continues, "I'm very happy with the results I've received from Revelation ... When you feel good on the outside, it feeds something on the inside, and it becomes infectious."

Two years ago, Gina, 50, tragically lost her 23-year-old son in a car accident. "Before I lost Derek, I was just always happy. A part of that person I used to be died when he died," she says. Gina explains that using the Revelation products has helped her realize the importance of taking care of herself, so she can be the best mother possible to her daughter. "I was driving to work the other day, and I was kind of smiling," she says. "That was the first time I actually felt enthusiastic about anything, and that was my revelation."

Robin meets the women — and surprises them with makeovers!

Elizabeth, Lesley and Gina show off their new looks. Plus, what message do the women have for Barbie?

Robin reveals that the women are getting a few more surprises, including a CHI hairstyling travel kit, a teeth whitening system from GLO Brilliant, a robe from Luxor Linens and Cosabella pajamas. The audience also receives the giveaways, as well as a Robin McGraw Revelation 30-day skin care kit and the first lip gloss from her AveryLasting Love lip gloss collection, named "The Erica." One hundred percent of the net profits from Robin's lip gloss are being donated to When Georgia Smiled.

Dr. Phil mentions that Robin will be on the cover of the summer issue of New You magazine and featured in a 10-page spread. Everyone in the studio audience receives a copy of the magazine. You can get a free, one-year digital subscription by signing up at

Moment of Truth

Dr. Phil and Robin welcome Barbie back to the stage, with Elizabeth, Lesley and Gina sitting in the audience. Barbie tearfully says to the women, "I would love to be strong like you guys." She admits, "I put myself at the bottom ... I don't feel important to him, so I don't feel important to myself."

Robin tells Barbie, "You’re letting him decide what’s OK for you, and I want you to get that power back. You decide what’s OK for you. You decide what kind of life you’re going to live and what kind of life you deserve."

"You are going to have to decide," Dr. Phil adds, "All of this paranoia, all of these suspicions, all of these accusations — they’re about him, not you.” He says that he was reluctant to do the polygraph exam, because he didn't want to play into Travis' suspicions, adding, "I did this for you, not him."

Dr. Phil reveals the results of the polygraph to Barbie and Travis. And, can this relationship be fixed?