With the help of financial experts, Dr. Phil advises his guests — and you — on how to avoid common money mistakes.

Matthew (left) admits that his utilities are shut off regularly because he spends his paycheck on frills like video games instead of paying the bills. Jeff (center) chose to avoid bankruptcy after being laid off by selling the family home to pay off his debt. He now sits on a street corner and hands out his resume. Jessica (right) and her husband filed for bankruptcy four months ago, but she still goes on designer shopping sprees. They all want Dr. Phil's help.
How did they get into trouble?

View their stories and Dr. Phil's advice.

What should they do now?
The authors of The Two-Income Trap offer their advice.

Has Dr. Phil ever been in debt?
See what he said when the show was over.


See how Jessica and Jeff have changed.

Extra Content

  • The Two-Income Trap
    By Elizabeth Warren
    and Amelia Warren Tyagi
    Published by Basic Books
  • Tony Beshara is a corporate recruiter with Babich & Associates
    6030 E Mockingbird Lane
    Dallas, TX 75206
    (214) 823-9999