Barbara says 15 years ago, she lost custody of her children after she was falsely accused of abuse and neglect. She admits that at the time, she was addicted to drugs but says she was a "good mother" with a "happy family" and didn't deserve to lose her kids forever.

Barbara says she has been clean for 14 years and wants to clear her name and reunite with her children, 29-year-old Lindsey and 20-year-old, Bobby Lynn, who changed his name to Dylan — whom she hasn't seen since he was 5. "I know for a fact my children do not understand or know the full story," Barbara says.
Lindsey says her childhood was frightening and unstable, and she had to be the mother to her little brother. She says when she was placed in foster care at 11, she chose to stay in the system rather than go back to her mother. "Even though foster care was horrible, it was still better than living at home," Lindsey says.  She says it was a letter she wrote to the court that led to her little brother being placed with his aunt, Patrice, who adopted him.

Lindsey faces her mother on Dr. Phil's stage.  How does Barbara answer to Lindsey's accusations that she tried to kill her kids in a house fire? And, can Lindsey find forgiveness? Plus, both Barbara and Lindsey say they're eager to reconnect with Dylan, whom they claim was kept from them by Patrice. Is Dylan interested in a relationship with his mother or sister?

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Lindsey describes her childhood, and Barbara reacts.

“You say, ‘We were so hungry, Barbara would force us to eat dog food.’”

Barbara clashes with Dr. Phil. “Since when is it abuse if you spank your child?”

Dr. Phil explains how Barbara can move beyond the mistakes she has made with her children.


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Barbara and Lindsey both say they want to reunite with Dylan, now 20. Tune in tomorrow, when Dylan faces his biological mother and sister for the first time in 15 years. Does he want a relationship with either of them?