From bad table manners to public spitting, Dr. Phil is determined to bring an end to the rudeness epidemic.

Caught on Tape
Actor Bob Perlow hits the streets to see just how rude people can be. He then turns the tables and becomes the one who's rude. How do people react to his inconsiderate behavior?

Rudeness revealed

A Rude Marriage
Jennifer can't stand her husband Ed's bad table manners; he is fed up with how she treats service people. Can this couple curb their rude behavior?


Can this rude couple be reformed?

Addicted to a Cell Phone
Patty answers her phone at the dinner table, in supermarkets, even at weddings and funerals. Her friends are frustrated with her rude behavior, but Patty doesn't see what she's doing wrong.


Can Dr. Phil help this cell phone addict?


Did Jennifer, Ed and Patty take Dr. Phil's advice?

A Public Spitter
Ken spits his chewing tobacco in flower pots, in water bottles and in napkins at restaurants. His wife Jill can't take it anymore, but Ken doesn't think that his habit is rude. Can Dr. Phil show him that it is?

Will Ken stop spitting?

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