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          Family Dramas, Mysteries and Facing the Unknown

          May 27, 2014

          Dr. Phil taps into the spiritual world with help from the next generation of psychic mediums, Thomas John and Bill Philipps. When did they first realize they had psychic abilities? And, what messages will they have for guests, viewers, audience members and Dr. Phil staff? Then, recovering addict Kathie says her daughter, Whitney, refuses to forgive her for her past mistakes, and she wants to make amends. Whitney says her mother abandoned the family after Kathie’s mother passed away in 2002, leaving Whitney to fight for — and win — custody of her younger sister. Emotions run high when Kathie and Whitney face each other for the first time in two years on Dr. Phil’s stage. How does Kathie explain her past decisions? And, the women sit down for private readings with Thomas and Bill — what message does Kathie’s mother have from the other side? Can Whitney and Kathie repair their fractured bond? Plus, numerologist Glynis McCants runs the numbers on some of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities. And, Glynis and Thomas visit soon-to-be newlyweds — are they spiritually compatible?

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          A Mother and Daughter at Odds

          Kathie admits she has struggled with addiction but says she is nearly five years sober — and she’s hoping to make amends with her daughter, Whitney, whom she hasn’t seen in nearly two years.

          Whitney says her relationship with her mother “got really bad” after Kathie’s mother passed away in 2002. “My grandmother was the light of my life,” she says. “I called her Oma, which is Grandmother in German.” She says Kathie and Oma were not on speaking terms at the time.

          “I was supposed to go see [my mother] the morning after she died,” Kathie says. “I didn’t feel there was any closure, because we were in an argument.”

          Whitney says she felt abandoned when Kathie “completely checked out” and moved to Las Vegas following Oma’s death. She says her younger sister, who was living with Kathie, called her multiple times with concerns about their mother’s drinking. “I was scared for my sister’s safety,” she says, adding that she fought for — and eventually won — custody of her sister. “I could tell that she was being neglected,” she claims.

          “I did not neglect my daughter when she came to live with me,” Kathie says. “I was very upset when Whitney took custody of her sister from me.”

          Whitney says her mother sent her “nasty” and “harassing” text messages, all hours of the night, so she eventually filed a restraining order against her — which she says her mother violated 58 times.

          Kathie says she’s not proud of the messages she sent to her daughter, but she believes the restraining order was “totally unnecessary.” She continues, “Whitney refuses to forgive me for things that have happened in the past.”

          “My mother expects me to forget about all the pain that she has caused,” Whitney says. Onstage, she tells Dr. Phil that finally seeing her mother for the first time in two years makes her “emotional.” 

          Did Kathie sell a family heirloom, to spite Whitney?

          “I’ll buy her another one,” Kathie says of the statue.

          “That’s not the point,” Dr. Phil says. “To her, it had sentimental value. It wouldn’t have mattered if it was a pet rock.” He continues, “You’re showing a lack of empathy here.”

          “I violated you, and I insulted you; and I apologize,” Kathie tells Whitney.

          “That’s what I wanted,” Whitney responds. “You just need to own up to what you’ve done so that we can move forward.”

          Dr. Phil addresses Kathie, “She has spent all of this time trying to get you to realize, ‘I hurt you with the things I did and didn’t do while I was involved in drugs.’” He continues, “You, in fact, need to plug in here and hear your daughter’s pain.”

          The Next Generation of Psychic Mediums

          Dr. Phil introduces psychic mediums Thomas John and Bill Philipps. Thomas says when he’s channeling spirits he sees pictures in his head. “I also feel things in my body. I’ll hear things kind of externally,” he says, adding that he’s very thankful for his gift. “It can be a burden sometimes, but I would say the blessing of it far outweighs that.”

          Bill says he believes he was born to help people. “My job is not to make a skeptic or a cynic believe,” he says. “My job is to help those who are in need of my gift.”

          Whitney and Kathie receive separate readings from Thomas and Bill, who were not provided any background information. Will Kathie’s mother have a message for them?

          Dr. Phil offers to provide professional help to Whitney and Kathie for fixing their fractured bond, and they both accept.

          Healthy Skeptic

          A Dr. Phil staffer, Segment Producer Jesse Green — who admits he’s a healthy skeptic — receives a reading from Thomas. Will he become a believer?

          Will Jesse remain a skeptic after his reading?

          Audience Readings

          Dr. Phil opens up the readings to the audience, and Thomas picks up on a “George,” who happens to be watching the show from home, via Polycom.

          What message does George’s loved one have for him?

          Love in Numbers

          Dr. Phil introduces Glynis McCants, known as the celebrity numerologist. “I’ve done numerology for well over 21 years, and I have done 20,000 readings,” she says. “When it comes to numerology, the number one question is love. Should I stay, or should I go? And I always have that answer.” She explains how she breaks down the numbers. “What I do is, I take the first and last name you go by, that full date of birth, it gives me six numbers that make up a numerology blueprint of who you are,” she says. “So, if I do a chart comparison, I’m looking at both blueprints before I reach my conclusion.”

          Glynis tells Dr. Phil that he and his grandson, London, are extremely compatible. “You two have such a beautiful connection in numerology,” she says. “He’s also a seven, just like you. You got a baby seven, which means he could be a little mini you, he really could. He’s an observer. He’s smart. He’s going to be seeking knowledge.” She adds, “He’s going to be teaching you stuff now … That’s your little soul mate.”

          She says Robin and their granddaughter, Avery, are also strongly connected through the numbers. “Robin, what you guys share is the number six, which is beauty,” she says, adding that Avery is also competitive. “Freedom. Fun. Adventure. Every time you guys have a new adventure, that’s when she’s so happy to be with you.” She says that Robin is a four life path, which means “A plus B must equal C.”

          Glynis also says that Dr. Phil and Robin are soul mates. “You guys have four compatible numbers out of six,” she explains. “You’re buddies, and that’s why it’s a friendship and it’s a love.”

          See what message Glynis and Thomas have for engaged couple Jesse and Lauren and their bridal party. Is the future bright for these soon-to-be newlyweds?

          Web Extra

          Glynis explains what the numbers tell her about Miley Cyrus, as noted in her book, Love by the Numbers, written in 2009. Coincidentally, Miley’s father, Billy Ray Cyrus, seems to confirm the projection during an appearance on The Talk.

          “If I tell you to go left, and you don’t like the way I said it, you’ll go right.”

          Phil in the Blanks – The Podcast

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