They have temper tantrums. They throw things. They call you names and talk about you behind your back. They're mothers — and their adult children are fed up with them!

Fault-Finder Mom
Adasha says her mom, Marsha, thrives on chaos, and is demeaning and threatening. Marsha, who's critical of her daughter's parenting skills, sees things differently.
Dr. Phil says they have a "sick" relationship.

Temper Tantrum Mom
Joe Bob is tired of dealing with his mother's "fits of rage over petty things," and fears she may have a heart attack. His mother admits she's high maintenance, but says her temper is just her personality.

Dr. Phil tries to get through to them.

Eternally Tardy Mom
Shane's mom, Bonnie, is never on time for anything and he can't tolerate it anymore. Bonnie jokes that there must be a spell on her, but says she wants to learn how to be on time.
What's Dr. Phil's theory? Exclusive
Dr. Phil gives his final thoughts on the dynamics of today's show and gives the audience a chance to ask questions of their own.

What you didn't see after the show.